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European Scam Victim In Nigeria Slams EFCC Over Failure To Tackle Fraudsters Staining Nigeria’s Image



Maria Van Dongen, a European woman, has taken a swipe at the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) for failing to take action against Nigerian scammers who have targeted her and many other European women with love magic and blackmail.

She stated this in an open letter to the EFCC chairman, Olanipekun Olukoyede which was made available to newsmen in Lagos.

“It’s really not normal that we don’t get help when we need it,” Maria said in the letter.

“EFCC doesn’t answer, doesn’t want to help. We in Europe are also human. We want to be seen that someone is helping us”.


Maria alleged that the scammers, mostly Nigerian nationals, use love magic and spiritual manipulation to extort money from their victims.

She also accused the EFCC of neglecting its responsibility to protect victims of scams.

She expressed her frustration and disappointment with the EFCC for failing to take action despite her numerous pleas for help, accusing the agency of selective justice and bias in its investigation and prosecution of cases involving European fraud victims.


According to her, EFCC deliberately ignored her in her attempt to draw the commission’s attention to a multimillion-dollar internet fraud perpetuated against her by a Nigerian scammer, saying that it is same pattern to many other European women.

“If Europe writes emails, then it should check it out and do something with it, but no they set their email to auto reply and never reply back”, she lamented.

Maria said, “We are sitting here, we can’t do anything because EFCC doesn’t do anything, so most women keep paying fraudsters who blackmail them because they are helpless and EFCC don’t care.


In the heart-wrenching tale of how she and many other European women have fallen victim to Nigerian scammers using love magic and spiritual manipulation to extort money, she claimed that the anti-graft commission had deliberately shut down all of its channels of communication against Europeans thus reporting fraud cases has become so difficult.

She said that the development is aiding the growing spate of internet fraudsters duping more European women who don’t have means to report the crime perpetuated against them.

“The shame that they leave us out in the cold is unbearable,” Maria wrote.


“I don’t understand why there isn’t a better organization than EFCC. We in Europe are also human.

“We want to be seen that someone is helping us, no automatic emails”, she reiterated.

Maria’s letter came on the heels of growing concern about Nigerian scammers targeting European women and the need for law enforcement agencies like the EFCC to take decisive action to combat these crimes.

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