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2023 Delta Central: Urhobo PGs: Dafinone Is Eminently Qualified For The Senate 



Chief Ede Dafinone, the All Progressive Congress (APC) senatorial candidate for Delta Central, has been hailed by the president generals of all 24 Urhobo kingdoms as being eminently qualified to represent the Urhobo people in the upper legislative arm of the national assembly.

The Chairman of the President Generals, Chief Godwin Notoma, spoke on behalf of the Kingdom President Generals and urged all President Generals to remain steadfast before the general elections because Urhobo’s best candidate was likely to win. 

“You are eminently qualified.” It shall be well with you. What you find you shall get, though the campaign has not started. ” I hereby urge all kingdom President Generals to stand firm ahead of the election because Urhobo will present who the cap fits, according to Chief Godwin Natoma, who also doubles as the President General of the Union of Udu Community Communities (UUC). 

Earlier, Chief Ede Dafinone, the APC Delta Central senatorial candidate, thanked all of the president generals of the Urhobo Nation for giving him the chance to introduce himself and ask for their blessings in order to win the senatorial seat in the general election of 2023.

“I believe that I am the best candidate to represent Delta Central and I seek your support and vote to represent the people of Delta Central in the Senate of the Federal Republic of Nigeria come 2023. I am an internationally recognized accountant from a globally recognized family of chartered accountants, economists, and industrialists with achievements in both the private and public sector with a clear commitment to environmental, sustainable, and gender goals.”  

“Over the last 40 years, I have worked in both the private and public sectors and have had significant achievements and successes to date. I believe that my background and experience make me stand out as the best candidate to represent Delta Central in the Senate in the next Senate.

“My vision for the Urhobo nation is to enable its people to create the environment and drive the process of creating an oasis of peace and long term prosperity and ensure that sound economic opportunities are brought to the district.”

“This will also encourage the education system to ensure that our children can be empowered to make the best of their lives and seize the opportunities that will arise when business comes to the district.” 

“Encourage those who wish to use our resources and site their businesses here in Delta Central to treat the land and resources with respect.”  

“I believe I am the right person with the right vision, experience, and skill set to assure the people of Delta Central of the enabling environment that will bring about the prosperity we deserve. I therefore ask for your support, prayers, and votes in my quest to serve as the Senator for the Delta Central Senatorial District come 2023, Dafinone added.

Among the kingdom president generals present at the consultative meeting include; Chief G.J Notoma, Chairman, Rev Canon David Otoma, Vice Chairman, Bright Adgogbe, Secretary, Chief Julius Akpodiete, Financial Secretary, Chief Daniel Ojo, Treasurer, Chief Abovi H Erute, Spokesman, Prof Author Ekpekpo Member; Chief Benson O Nadakara, Chief Patrick Esiri, Chief Monday Arawore, Chief Wilson Umukoro, and many other dignitaries too numerous to mention.


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