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Gulak: We’ll Declare Governor Uzodinma A Persona Non Grata If… – Northern Youths Roar 



The Northern Youth Council of Nigeria (NYCN) has warned that it will declare Imo State Governor, Senator Hope Uzodinma, a persona non grata in the entire northern soil, if killers of a former presidential aide, Ahmed Gulak, are not brought to book.

It insisted that the Imo State government most give an account of those who kill Gulak, pointing out that the continuous killing of Northerners and destruction of security facilities in the State will no longer be tolerated.

Isah Abubakar, the body’s National President, in a press statement, said the federal Government most be alive to its constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and properties, if the prevailing situation must not denegerate into a civil war.

The statement reads, partly: “It’s so pathetic and saddened the continuous killing and lawlessness going on in the South Eastern part of Nigeria, The government of Imo state most give an account of those who kill Gulak, the continuous killing of Northern and destruction of security facilities in Imo State will not longer be tolerated, the federal Government most raise to it constitutional responsibility of protecting lives and properties and most act appropriately so as to avoid this been escalated to to civil war, the government should take note that will will not aloud the killer of Ahmed Gulak to go unpunished, the Imo State Governor who is the chief Security officer most bring the people involved in this Assassination to justice.

“Let us state categorically that the North Youth will do everything within her power to force the government of Imo state to bring the perpetrators of this crime to justice, the Imo state governor and other South East Governor should take note that we shall not accept the continued killing of Northern and Northern elite in there region, as we shall take revange henceforth, the Governor of Imo have two week to carryout this investigation or we shall declared him persona-nongrata across the entire Northern Soil.”