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Delta Monarch To Tinubu: Disregard ‘Forces Of Darkness’ Against Tompolo’s Pipeline Job



The traditional ruler of Great Idjerhe kingdom, Delta State, Hm King Obukowho Monday Whiskey Jp. Udurhie 1, has urged President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, not to be influenced by individuals or groups who are against the renewal of a security pipeline contract awarded to Tantita Security Limited.

The ruler emphasized the importance of the contract for the economic development of the nation, particularly in the Niger Delta region, which has faced environmental challenges and economic decline.

He reiterated that some dark forces are hiding under the pretext of freedom of speech to work against the nation’s economic development by openly opposing the renewal of the current security pipeline contract.


The traditional ruler, in a statement on Tuesday, expressed worried that those element had forgotten the sorry state of the Niger Delta environment and the near total collapse of all aquatic life and economic down turn before Tantita Security came to the rescue.

“It is instructive to note that apart from Tantita Security other companies were also awarded the same pipeline Security and there are possibilities that more others will be awarded. So the question is why are people against Tantita Security project.

“Maybe they expected that Tantita’s authorities will compromise and allow the forces of darkness to continued with their nefarious activities that brought the nation’s economy to its knees while some disgruntled elements smile to the banks.


“The Federal Government should not only discard such forces of darkness but should reward Tantita Security authorities by expanding the scope of their work as can be seen from their performance chant and rewarding hardwork and patriotism as shown by authorities of Tantita Security will encourage others to work for national interest rather than selfish individual interest.

“The President Bola Tinubu’s led Federal Government must be commended for the bold initiatives which informed the visit of the high power delegation lead by the National Security Adviser Mallam Nuhu Ribadu to access the state of things across the Niger Delta areas.
“This is one bold step that is worthy of commendation as visiting the areas will give government firsthand information and true situation on ground.
He said that it seems that the visitors were able to witness a positive change in the condition of the Niger Delta Rivers compared to the highly polluted state they were in back in 2022.

According to the monarch, the improvement is attributed to the efforts of Tantita Security officials who have resumed work in the area. “The visitors observed the return of aquatic life to its natural environment, which indicates a gradual restoration of the degraded ecosystem”, he added.


The royal father, however, noted that despite these positive developments, there are individuals or groups who are opposing and advocating for the cancellation of the security contract, describing them as”self-appointed agents of darkness”.

He commended the management of Tantita Security for helping to restore the environment, saying that they deserved commendations by all patriots who truly love and wish our Country well-being.
“There is room for Government to patronized more persons with pipeline Security work if such persons show capacity and dexterity as currently shown by Tantita Security outfits.Let not fight ourselves while our nation common enemies smile to banks with our commonwealth in the name of illegal bunkering and crude oil theft”, the statement further reads.

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