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BREAKING: Biden Faces Impeachment As Republicans Launch Inquiry Over Alleged Corruption



US President, Joe Biden

US President, Joe Biden, is currently facing an impeachment, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared on Tuesday.

The Speaker said the Republicans are launching an impeachment investigation against him.

BIGPEN NIGERIA understands that the move stemmed from purported corruption involving his son, Hunter Biden’s business transactions.

In the American political system, an impeachment inquiry is a formal probe led by the House of Representatives to assess if there is sufficient evidence to impeach a high-ranking official, such as the President, over alleged misconduct.

Following an impeachment inquiry, if substantial evidence is found, the House of Representatives then votes on the articles of impeachment.

If these are approved by a majority, the case moves to the Senate for a trial. To convict and remove an official from office, a two-thirds majority vote is required in the Senate, which can also potentially bar them from holding future public positions.

Currently, Democrats hold the Senate majority and are unlikely to convict Biden, even if compelling evidence is presented.

However, from a political perspective, if an impeachment inquiry reveals concrete proof of corrupt or unethical practices linked to the president, it could significantly damage his reputation and potentially derail his chances for re-election.

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