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Delta YPP ex-Guber Candidate, Ofehe Hails Oborevwori’s Pursuit Of His ‘MORE Agenda’



Governor Sheriff Oborevwori and Dr Sunny Ofehe

Ex-gubernatorial candidate for the Young Progressive Party (YPP) in Delta State, Dr Sunny Ofehe, has commended Governor Sheriff Oborevwori for his earnest efforts towards his ‘MORE agenda: in his 100 days in office.

Speaking in an interview with BIGPEN NIGERIA (, Ofehe acknowledged that the Governor is on the right track in pursuit of the success of his ‘MORE agenda’, having built a team of adept technocrats and credible individuals to propel his policy thrust.

He described Governor Oborevwori as a ‘listening leader’ and commended his out-of-the-box strategies to boost the state’s economy, as evidenced by his recent meeting with some Dutch investors through his commissioner for Trade and Investment.


Ofehe, also commended the Oborevwori’s practical and empathetic approach to addressing the concerns of ordinary Deltans with the approvals of several projects in the state, stressing the need for strategic support and innovative ideas that would enable the governor achieve his goals for the state.

“When you talk with the governor you will see that he is somebody that understand the plight of the ordinary people because he grew up from the grassroots and he is very practical. So all he need is a concerted effort and support from strategic resource persons who can come in with idea and capacity to be able to achieve the desire results”.

He said that following the outcome of the 2023 elections, he decided to continue working towards his goals as environmental rights activist, aligning himself with the PDP-led administration for the broader success of Governor Oborevwori’s terms of office.


He emphasized that his involvement was not about party lines but about prioritizing the state’s interests.

“It has nothing to do with party. It has a lot to do with interests. Putting the interests of the state ahead of all our political differences should be paramount”, he said.

He noted that the governor, in his inaugural speech, had called on all Deltans around the world to come and join hands with his government to see that his “M.O.R.E agenda” can be achieved, saying that he sees himself playing a crucial role in this agenda, regardless of his political affiliation.


“I see myself holding a significant aspect of that agenda that I can bring to the table and that is what I am trying to do irrespective of political party affiliation”.

Ofehe, a Netherlands based environmental rights activist, emphasized the need to elevate the state beyond relying on FAAC revenue allocation from Abuja, expressing his belief in the Governor’s potential to bring about change in the state and urged everyone to contribute their quota to the leadership for the benefit of all.

“It is now left for us to critically look at him, study his body language to see if he is actually having that genuine interest of Delta at heart and he wants to use his office to bring about change. If that is the case, nothing is wrong in anybody coming out to say, okay, I want to add my value to this leadership in a way that people can begin to get the benefits of that value.


“So when I had this conversation with the governor, I saw that he was sincere. He was genuine and practical and since then till now, we’ve had the opportunity to also speak on telephone and he has shown to me that he has the capacity, the interest is there, the willingness is there and he wants to work with anyone with a clear vision that is in line with his own”.

He emphasized the need to explore alternative income sources and tap into global opportunities, given the state’s position as the largest producer of crude oil and highest concentrator of gas in the country. This, he said, aligns with the global shift towards diverse income generation.

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