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Okere-Urhobo Kingdom Erupts In Epic Battle After Wilson Eboh’s Demise



Wilson Eboh, Okere Urhobo

Facts have emerged about the intrigues that played out in Okere-Urhobo Kingdom days after Chief Wilson Eboh, the Otota (traditional prime minister) of the Kingdom was confirmed dead.

BIGPENNGR.COM understands it was not long after Wilson Eboh’s demise that the plots to hijacked the throne began.

The long brewing crisis over the throne degenerate at the wake of Eboh’s death, local sources said.

Until he delved into traditional leadership in Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Eboh was the former Assistant General Manager of the Delta State Broadcasting Station (DBS).

Local sources revealed that after Eboh’s demise, some forces in the Kingdom made moves to hijack the throne and clandestinely installed their element as the new Orosuen.

BIGPENNGR.COM reports the throne became vacate after His Royal Majesty, Professor Paul Oghenero Okumagba, Idama II, who received his staff of office from the Delta state government less than a year ago, joined his ancestors after a protracted illness.

The late Orosuen had ascended the throne about six years after the passing away of his predecessor, His Royal Majesty, Benjamin Okumagba. The departed monarch ascended the throne in October 2017, when he was picked by the kingdom’s kingmakers as Orosuen-elect.

According to Eboh before his death recently, the late monarch was selected and appointed by statutory Kingmakers of Okere Urhobo in accordance with the Traditional Chieftaincy Declaration of Okere-Urhobo, Warri.

Multiple sources however disclosed that in what appears like plot which often characterize the enthronement of a new Orosuen in the Kingdom, some persons reportedly ganged up without the knowledge of the generality of the statutory kingmakers in Okere-Urhobo Kingdom and installed Emmanuel Ono Okumagba as the Okumagba II.

Reports say the installation was done by the oldest Kingmaker, High Chief George Amurun JP, after clearance from government quarters.

This medium, however gathered that weeks later, the Okpako-Orere (Most eldest man) of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom and the three ruling houses of Idama, Sohworuvwe and Ohwotemu with the Elders in Council as well as the entire people of the Kingdom, disowned the selection and crowning of Chief Emmanuel Ono Okumagba as Orosuen-Elect (King) of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom.

This came against the backdrop of earlier warning by the Itifo and Makro Families, that any attempt to exclude them in the process of selecting a new king for Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Warri, will lead to anarchy.

Head of Itifo and Makro families, Pa. (Chief) Franklin Akporiaye and Pa. (Chief) Austin Ighorue respectively, in a statement early in the year had, said: “We must put it on good record that the Itifo and Makro Families, did not accept any purported recommendation of the Peace Committee headed by the Special Adviser to the Governor on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Chief Edwin Uzor, at the Government Annex, Warri.

“As far as we know, the Peace Committee headed by Chief Edwin Uzor, has not made any final recommendation regarding the Okere-Urhobo Kingship dispute, hence members of the public should out-rightly disregard the Friday, May 15 publication, claiming otherwise. “We are also certain that His Excellency, the Governor of Delta State Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, has not endorsed any report, knowing fully well that peace building is one of his priorities.”

The statement which emphasized that Kingmakers must emanate from the five families that make up the Kingdom: “Olodi, Itifo, Makro, Ighogbadu and Oki- with an asterisk on Oki family, since they don’t have any Chief in Okere-Urhobo Kingdom”, noted inter-alia, “It is imperative to state at this juncture that Chief Edwin Uzor, had in a chat, denied authorizing the May 15 misleading publication, since the final report is yet to be completed and released.”

The warning by the Itifo and Makro families is a reaction to reports claiming that the protracted kingship dispute in Okere-Urhobo kingdom, has been resolved by the Delta State Government.

Meanwhile, in a statement signed by Apostle. I.A.M. Eraivor, Okpako Orere of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom and head of Ohwotemu ruling house and released to newsmen in Warri, the respondents claimed that the so-called emergence of Emmanuel Okumagba as Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom on Tuesday November 17 at Otor-Orere, Headquarters of Okere-Urhobo, did not follow due process of selection and installation of a new Orosuen.

“On behalf of the Okpako-Orere,the three ruling houses, the Council of Elders and entire people of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom Warri, I wish to make it abundantly clear that nobody has been selected, appointed, installed and crowned as Orosuen (King) of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom Warri.

“It is the duty of Okpako-Orere to commence the process of selecting a new Orosuen (King) according to the custom and tradition of Okere-Urhobo people as confirmed by the Delta State Government report of July 2020, on the Okere-Urhobo kingship tussle and no other person can do that.

“The process of selecting a new Orosuen will commence and the traditional rights and programme of activities will be announced publicly to the entire kingdom by the Okpako-Orere and the heads of the three(3) ruling houses.

“Chief George Amurun (A female descendant whose father is from Ekpan Community in Uvwie Local Government Area) has no right whatsoever to select and crown Chief Emmanuel Okumagba or any other person whatsoever as an Orosuen-Elect of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom Warri.

“Chief Emmanuel Okumagba has contested the Okere-Urhobo kingship stool from the process of HRM.Owen Satti, Ojabugbe I to HRM. (Prof ) Paul Okumagba, Idama II and failed and he has resorted in getting it through the back door. Okere-Urhobo people will not allow such abominable and desperate act of Chief Emmanuel Okumagba and Chief George Amurun to thrive.

“This legal action has been reported to the Nigeria Police for appropriate action. I wish to reassure all the indigenes and residents of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom that at the end of the ongoing selection process which is in line with Okere-Urhobo Kingdom traditional Chieftaincy Declaration and the Delta State Government report on Okere-Urhobo kingship, the Okpako-Orere, the three ruling houses and elders in Council will formerly announce the selection, appointment, installation of crowning an Orosuen of Okere-Urhobo Kingdom, Warri.”