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How My Instinct Saved Me From Hushpuppi Negative Influence While In Dubai – Gov. Okowa’s Aide



Ossai Ovie Success
By Emmanuel Adigwe

The Special Assistant to the Delta State Governor on Media, Ossai Ovie Success, has given a graphic picture of how he was almost influenced by the lifestyle of Instagram celebrity, Rahmon Abass, popularly known as Hushpuppi.

Ovie Success, while speaking of how Hushpuppi had reportedly influenced many youths into living wayward life, said he was tempted to fall for the embattled Instagram celebrity while he traveled to Dubai.

Hear him: “I remember traveling to Dubai, I was tempted to visit him because he was so popular in Dubai as at that time and it seems if you don’t visit him, you are not enjoying Dubai and you are not among the big boys. I ThankGod for my instincts.

According to the political aide, Hushpuppi lifestyle has impacted negatively on many youths, saying that “he intimidated those making honest living with his ostentatious lifestyle”.
Ovie Success, who took to his Facebook page on Friday to express concerns over Hushpuppi’s lifestyle, thanked God for giving him the instincts not to visit the FBI’s suspect in Dubai.
“The lifestyle he exhibited on social media made some of our youths consider fraud and ritual which they are regretting.
“He intimidated everyone including those who are into legit businesses. Hushpuppi made people feel they are not doing well despite their achievements.
“I understand the APC government increased level of joblessness in our country Nigeria but that is not a justification for crime. A lot of youths who were not contented ended up joining fraud.
“Today they are regretting it because they now know that no matter how long you enjoy crime money, regrettable time will surely come. Huspuppi’s lifestyle and the final US judgment on him should be studied in school so our students, youths can understand the danger of being a fraudster.
“I just heard US Court will sentence Hushpuppi on Valentine’s Day. Whichever the outcome of that judgment will be, Hushpuppi killed himself the moment he signed up for the crime.”, he added.