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EFCC Fires Back At Mompha, Challenges Him To Prove Corruption Allegation



The Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has responded to allegations of corruption made by Ismaila Mustapha, aka Mompha, challenging him to provide evidence to support his claims.

BIGPEN NIGERIA ( reports that Mompha, who is facing trial for money laundering and other financial crimes, had accused the EFCC of corruption, labeling it a “useless agency“.

However, the EFCC has dismissed his allegations as “malicious and unsubstantiated”, and an attempt to distract from his ongoing prosecution.

The Commission’s Executive Chairman, Mr. Ola Olukoyede, has directed that Mompha be invited to provide concrete evidence of corruption against any EFCC staff.


The EFCC has assured that it will not be swayed by Mompha’s “desperate” attempts to discredit it and will continue to diligently prosecute his case.

In a statement entitled “EFCC Blasts Nompha, Challenges Him to Prove Corruption Allegation”, the anti-graft agency wrote;

“The attention of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC, has been drawn to the malicious and unsubstantiated statement made by the embattled Ismaila Mustapha, (a.k.a Mompha) alleging coruption by operatives of the Commission.


“The claim, coming from an accused in a criminal trial for conspiracy to launder funds obtained through unlawful activity, retention of proceeds of criminal activities, failure to disclose assets and property, ought to be ignored as the rantings of a sinking defendant. But his claims strike at the heart of the Commission’s most prized value-integrity and must be challenged.

“The Commission is alarmed that the accused will abandon the platform offered by the court to launch a media war against it through spurious claims.

“If he believes that raising phantom accusations against the Commission will scare it from diligently prosecuting his case, he is mistaken as no amount of scaremongering will deter the Commission from pursuing the case to logical conclusion.


“While Mompha may just be a drowning man clutching at any straw owing to the overwhelming evidence of his involvement in the money laundering case, his unsubstantiated claims against the EFCC is an issue the Commission is taking seriously.

“To this end, the Executive Chairman of the EFCC, Mr. Ola Olukoyede has directed that Mompha be invited to bring clasping evidence of any issue of corruption against any staff of the Commission. Besides, the socialite should also justify his labeling of the EFCC as a “ useless agency” with evidential proofs.

“As a responsible law enforcement agency, the EFCC would not sit back and allow libelous effusions against its reputation go unchallenged. Mompha, to all intents and purposes, cannot be expected to paint the EFCC in bright colours owing to the professional ways officers of the Commission are handling his matter. The EFCC would not be distracted in plying its job by antics of traducers like Mompha.


“The general public is, therefore, advised to ignore his ranting. Mompha should rather face his prosecution before a court of competent jurisdiction”.

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