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Prominent Delta Monarch Seeks Tinubu’s Expansion Of Scope Of Tompolo’s Pipeline Contract



Delta State, HRM Monday Obukowho Whiskey, Udurhie I,

Paramount traditional ruler of Great Idjerhe Kingdom, Delta State, HRM Monday Obukowho Whiskey, Udurhie I, has urged President Tinubu to ensure the expansion of the scope of the pipeline surveillance contract awarded to Tantita Security Services Limited (TSSNL) belonging to High Chief Government Ekpemupolo, popularly known as Tompolo.

The monarch spoke during an interview with journalist in his palace on Monday.

While commending TSSNL for reducing oil theft and pollution, which has led to the restoration of aquatic life in the region, the royal father said that expansion of TSSNL’s scope would foster a better environment and engage more hands in the industry.

He said that it was unacceptable for oil multinationals to keep describing the Niger Delta terrain as difficult when it comes to developing the region, maintaining that the effective security surveillance work of TSSNL is gradually restoring aquatic life to the Niger Delta region due to reduced oil theft and pollution.


“We thank God that TSSNL is doing well. We appreciate that it is helping restore our environment and aquatic life to a large extent.

“If you go through our rivers nowadays, you’ll see clean waters, and aquatic life is returning compared to the past. And this is due to the activities of TSSNL.

“It has shown that it has the capacity and commitment to grow our oil and gas industry. If we must move forward, there’s a need for more encouragement.


“I thank President Bola Tinubu for renewing the operating license of TSSNL. I’m also appealing to him to expand the scope of TSSNL’s job beyond the present scope.

“They should consider expanding TSSNL’s scope to foster a better environment. The Federal Government should encourage TSSNL to do more so that more hands can be engaged.

“He’s seen the terrain firsthand. TSSNL’s presence has reduced pirate activities in our rivers. Our people are returning to their fishing vocation,” he disclosed.


The monarch urged Nigerians to give their support to the administration of President Bola Admed Tinubu, rather than engaging in ethnic profiling of leaders in power, and portraying Nigeria negatively on social media.

He said, “Nigerians should be their brother’s keeper at the local, state, and national levels. Our leaders at all these levels need our support and encouragement.

“I’m appealing to Nigerians that we do not have another country. The only one we have is Nigeria. The way and manner our people condemn leaders and government is unbecoming.


“We often forget that social media is a record keeper. You’ll either benefit positively or negatively from what you’ve said on social media. So, I’m appealing to Nigerians that this government is just a year old.

“I also think that President Tinubu needs our support and encouragement. No matter how powerful you are, there’s what we call local support.

“If he has no support locally, how will the international community support him? You can’t start with crises from the beginning to the end.


“We need to go back to the drawing board. Ethnic profiling and colorization of attacks won’t take us anywhere. We all have a role to play in the sustenance of peace and security in Nigeria.

“I strongly believe that collectively we can do better. Encouraging those in power is crucial. God has a hand in every government that comes into power.

“Tinubu is working. We can’t heap all the blame on the government of the day, whether at the local, state, or federal levels. If there are issues that need critical attention, we should address them constructively.


“You can’t sleep with your wife in the house and then blame Tinubu! That cannot be. He has his own challenges, just like we have. We need to look inward and think of ways to move our nation forward”.

The monarch, also urged Nigerians to take advantage of the rainy season and return to the farms to mitigate the current ravaging hunger in the land.

According to the traditional ruler, Nigerians should not expect the government to bring food to their tables, urging the federal government to ensure adequate fertilizer for farmers.


He, however frowned at the inability of the Federal Government to address herders-farmers clashes, which he acknowledged are partly hindering farming activities in communities.

“Let’s consider encouraging this government. Take the issue of hunger now. Some of us fail to understand that no government has ever brought physical food to anybody’s table.

“One thing I want the government to do is to see how they can decentralize their farming method.


“The Southwest has vast, arable land. The same applies to the South-South and Southeast. Therefore, fertilizers should be distributed along geopolitical zones.

“So, if a particular zone refuses to use theirs for farming, the next season we’d ask them why crops peculiar to their zone are unavailable.

“There are traditional tomatoes that our people here are accustomed to. Before you bring tomatoes from the north to the south, they’d spoil in no time. And then we blame the government.


“The government should holistically address the issue of the farmer/herders crisis. If, for instance, we form groups and decide to farm, I don’t see how 20 or 30 herders can take over the entire community.

“We should return to our traditional occupation, which is farming. We still have people who practice traditional farming. We should encourage them.

“Blaming the government for everything is ridiculous, as if it’s the government that will give us yams, cassava, etc.


“I have a different view. The government should also encourage people to return to their farms by improving the country’s security architecture so that if someone has worked hard to cultivate a farm, no one should come and destroy it,” he pleaded.

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