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Forget Presidency For Now, U.S Based Political Analyst Tells Ndigbos, Rallies For Atiku 2023 Presidency




Nigerian Born, US Based Social Commentator, Alozie Alozie, has urged Ndigbos to forget the 2023 presidency, saying that Igbos are not strongly united enough to cliché the presidency in 2023.

Alozie, who gave the verdict in an interview with newsmen in Warri, Delta State, expressed doubt if it will be possible for the Igbo to produce the president in the next political dispensation.

Alozie who is the Director General of Atiku Campaign Stream, said Igbo should be strongly united if they want to rule in 2023.

However, he firmly believes that Atiku will restructure the country if elected as President and that Atiku Presidency is a sure bet to ushering in a youth based government in Nigeria.


The political analyst and social crusader, urged Nigerians to embrace peace and shun violent situations as the nation is gradually moving toward the 2023 political dispensation.

“As a peace loving democrat and a firm believer in a United and Peaceful Nigeria, I will advice every Nigerian to embrace peace and dialogue. We are better living in peace than in trouble”.

On quest for Igbo presidency, Alozie, said “sincerely speaking I agree completely with my Igbo brothers and sisters that presidency should shift to the South East, and I doubt if there is any true son of Igbo land that wouldn’t wish the same, However, this is power and politics.


“Power is negotiated and lobbied, you don’t really get power by just asking for it or just simply on the basis of morals, No.

“It’s my personal opinion that yes the Igbo should negotiate and lobby for presidency however I doubt if that would happen come this 2023 but if it does, I will be very happy .

“Also as an Igbo man, I know that what we really need is good governance and responsible government. My people can actually strive and succeed even without being the president but as long as whoever is the president so long he understands how to manage the nations’ economy.


“Igbos need sound economic policies, business friendly atmospheres, security, education and above all an environment to live peacefully and showcase our God given talents as entrepreneurs and experts in various fields of endeavours.

“My personal Opinion and based on the structures of the two major Political Parties in Nigeria , PDP and APC,  I doubt if it’s possible for an Igbo Man to emerge President come 2023

Commenting on Atiku chances of becoming the president in 2023, Alozie, said “just like my People from the South East, I also believe that power should also shift to North East because they are yet to produce a President.


“From the North East, HE, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar has got all that it takes to not only be the president of Nigeria but any other country of the world including the United States of America.

“He got the clout, exposure, relationships across all the zones and tribes in Nigeria.

“No doubt  as at today he stands out as the most detribalized Nigerian, with close family ties across the three major tongues in Nigeria, Hausa, Igbo, Yoruba.


“Atiku has the right international friendship needed to bring back those big international companies that left Nigeria in droves couple of years ago.

“Above all the Adamawa state born political juggernaut (Atiku) understands our  Economy, He understands our diversities and has a better understanding of our challenges with proven solutions.

“My personal opinion is also that Atiku stands out as the only living Nigerian Politician that will Restructure the country if  elected as President and the most important of all is that I strongly believe that Atiku Presidency is a sure bet to ushering in a youth based government in Nigeria


“Atiku remains the most liberal, cerebral and most popular politician in Nigeria today, his presidency automatically will place Nigeria on the right path of sustainable development by engaging many of the Nigerian best brains and experts both home and abroad.

On speculations that President Muhammadu Buhari has anointed someone that will succeed him, he said; “I don’t believe that President Buhari has appointed or anointed anybody to succeed him. But I strongly believe that Mr. President, would want Nigerians to choose their leader come 2023”.