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Coronavirus Outbreak Stalls Completion Of Multi-million Dollar NDDC Headquarters



Outbreak of coronavirus pandemic which has devastated the global economy, has stalled the completion of the multi million dollar Headquarters of Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC).

The project initially scheduled to be completed in March 31, 2020, has been shifted to 30th of April, due to the delay in importing materials already paid following outbreak of dreaded COVID-19 pandemic.

Ebi Bozimor, the lead contractor handling the project disclosed this on Tuesday when the Technical Team headed by the Executive Director of Projects, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh visited the site to inspect the extent of completion following it’s initial target.


Addressing the NDDC’s technical team, the project Consultant, disclosed that the project has been moving in the fastest pace and the main consultant and subcontractors have been working day and night flooding the site with materials, men and attention.

He said, “The only current challenge we may be facing are long lived items, things related to the world wide pandemic. However, every task that is not involve with anything external is going on at the highest pace and we have promised the Commission that every task that is not connected with oversee will be completed in and around early April so that the long lived items will come and everything should be fine.

“Further the initial deadline has been affected by the latest worldwide pandemic so we will collectively access the impact in a later meeting with the commission’s technical team”, he said.


Earlier, Executive Director of Projects, Dr. Cairo Ojougboh who expressed satisfaction over the current stage of the project, also commended the contractor for the fast job being done.

He however noted; “The contractor has affirm and irrevocably so, that by the end of April, he will hand over this site; and I want to hold him liable to it. I therefore urge the contractor to continue and not let the commission down”.

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