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Fulani Terror Attacks: Fear, As N’Delta Militants May Attack Oil Facilities, Set To Join Force With Middle Belt



With the genocidal actions of Fulani Herdsmen raised to critical level, indications have emerged that Niger Delta militants groups may veer their anger on oil installations as some armed groups in the region are getting set to join Middle Belt region in solidarity to combat the terrorising Fulani herdsmen.

This is coming as people of Middle Belt had raised the alarm over the incessant attack on them by Fulani Herdsmen.

United Niger Delta Energy Development Security Strategy (UNDEDSS), raised this fear of possible alliance by the militant groups with Middle Belt in a terse statement on Monday night after its Emergency NEC Meeting in Warri, Delta State.


UNDEDSS’ Executive Secretary. Mr. Tony I Uranta, in the statement obtained by BigPen Online said, “It is no news to the world that ceaseless genocidal actions are being barbarically carried out in Nigeria by Fulani Herdsmen terrorists who are killing with impunity”.

“But, recent accusations of Federal Security and Military organs’ complicity in these crimes against humanity, as made public a few days ago by the Bachama people of Adamawa State, must compel all Nigerian and world citizens to rise up now against these demonic murderers and rapists who kill even women and babies without any compunction.”

Continuing, he said UNDEDSS, which is recognised for it’s active positive roles in helping restore and maintain peace in the oil-despoliated Niger Delta region, have intelligence report indicating that a coalition of militant groups are set to carry out direct action against the murdering herdsmen.


“Intelligence at our disposal indicates that some groups in the Niger Delta may be entering into partnerships with some Middle Belt groups to carry out direct actions aimed at negatively impacting oil and gas installations not situated only within the Niger Delta.

“Finally, UNDEDSS advises the Federal Government not to underrate these warnings, but to immediately rein in the barbaric cattle herders who have committed similar atrocities as far South as Enugu, Ondo & Bayelsa.

“Let Nigeria not let these herdsmen be the cause of yet another extreme fall towards a zero-oil crisis, with the consequent drastic drop in the nation’s oil revenues!”


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