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Controversial Alawo Stool: How Adeleke’s Plan To Present Staff Of Office To Deposed King Failed



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A human rights organization, the Centre for Human Rights and Social Justice (CHRSJ) has exposed how Osun State Governor, Senator Ademola Jackson Nurudeen Adeleke plan to present Staff of Office to a deposed new Alawo, Mr. Adegboye Taiwo Abdulrasaq failed on 9th day of December,2023.

This came as moves by the Governor’s elder sister, Mrs. Modupe Adeleke Sanni and her husband Mr. Aderemi Sanni who are at the centre of the kingship crisis to be confer with traditional titles, also hit the bricks wall.

CHRSJ had earlier alleged that Governor Adeleke had concluded plan to present Instrument of Appointment and Staff of Office to Adegboye who has been dethroned by the Court of Appeal Judgement dated 8th day of August,2022, through the backdoor in flagrant disobedience to Appeal Court Judgement on the Chieftaincy Stool.

The Governor’s action which was categorized as the way to precipitate communal mayhem in the ancient town of Awo in Egbedore Local Government area of Osun State, was averted as he reversed himself, claiming openly that he did not plan to give anybody a Staff of Office in respect of Alawo Stool.


Although, Adeleke through his spokesperson, Mallam Olawale Rasheed had claimed that his boss predecessor in office, Alhaji Gboyega Oyetola had given Instrument of Appointment and Staff of Office to a deposed new Alawo Adegboye who was mistakenly appointed by Oyetola apparently because no fewer than nine purportedly forged documents were attached by deposed Adegboye to his Expression of Interest Form Number:000000114.

Mallam Rasheed further denied plan to issue a fresh Staff of Office to Adegboye Taiwo Abdulrasaq, as new Alawo of Awo, describing as untrue reports in some section of the media that his administration is taking steps contrary to the dictate of rule of laws, clarifying that Adegboye Taiwo was installed as new Alawo in September 2021 and was subsequently issued staff of office by the Administration of Gboyega Oyetola.

Rasheed reiterated the commitment of the Adeleke administration to the rule of law, saying that the government will not do anything to impugn judicial decisions or tamper with peace and stability of any community in the society.


“We are constrained to inform the public that insinuations of plan by the Adeleke administration to issue fresh staff of office on Awo stool are untrue. The crisis on the Awo stool preceded the administration of Governor Adeleke as Adegboye, who was at the centre of the issue, was installed as Alawo several months before his (Adeleke) assumption of office,

“It is worth noting that he Adegboye Taiwo Abdulrasaq was issued Staff of Office by the previous administration, and so, it is unfounded that Adeleke is planning to issue a Staff of Office that has already been issued “statement noted.

But Oyetola through his Media Aide, Alhaji Ismail Omipidan, did not allow “Adeleke’s machinery of lies” to land before it was bursted, through a statement on behalf of Oyetola who is current Minister of Marine and Blue Economy, debunking the claim of Governor Adeleke, that Oyetola and not Senator Ademola Adeleke, issued the Staff of Office to Adegboye Taiwo Abdulrasaq.


Omipidan noted that he was not surprised by the claim of Olawale Rasheed, insisting that his penchant for lying was legendary. He challenged the governor’s spokesperson to produce any material evidence to support his false claim.

The Oyetola’s media aide further asserted that he has it on a good authority that Governor Adeleke and not Oyetola signed the illegal Certificate being paraded by Adegboye against a legal opinion from government officials.

“While it is true that Adegboye Taiwo Abdulrasaq was appointed during the Oyetola’s administration, the moment the Court nullified his appointment, the government stayed action. That was why his official Coronation was never carried out until we left the office. Therefore, my principal never signed any document nor issued him a Staff of Office. If there is, I challenge the Adeleke’s government to produce same.


“If indeed, Governor Adeleke has respect for due process and rule of law, how come the government is unable to carry out the judgement of the court with regards to the Alawo stool. In the eyes of the law, the current occupant is a usurper and the government should treat him as such rather than trying to pass the buck, which unfortunately has become the pastime of the present administration.

“Oyetola is no longer the governor. How come you still want to hold him responsible for an action that was carried out in the last one year of the current administration? I advise Olawale Rasheed and his ilks to stop lying against the person of Oyetola, as he did not issue any staff of office to the Adegboye Taiwo Abdulrasaq,” Omipidan said.

Speaking on the development through a statement issued by CHRSJ’s Media Office which was signed by its Assistant General Secretary (AGS), Pastor Michael Agassi on Monday, disclosed that a responsive and responsible government would institute an unbiased investigation into the alleged forgery scandal leveled against the man at the centre of the whole saga before taken any further action as a law abiding government.


Pastor Agassi disclosed that the photographic material evidences attached to this statement had shown the level of lying machine of the present administration in the State, advising Governor Ademola Adeleke and members of his cabinet to learn how to speak the truth always on any matter already in the public space, praying to God to give the members of Adeleke’s Government an ability to speak the truth for once.

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