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Nigeria’s History Is Incomplete Without Nnamdi Azikiwe – Paul Unogo




The Chairman of the Northern Elders Forum (NEF), Paul Unogo has declared that Nigeria political history is incomplete without the Late Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe.

Speaking at a lecture on November 16 to mark Zik’s post-humous 113rd Birthday, the Chairman of the northern elders forum said that Igbos rejected the late Late Nnamdi Azikiwe as presidential candidate during the 1979 elections even as he challenged Ndigbo to produce credible candidate to contest the presidential elections.


Unogo praised Zik’s qualities which he said convinced him to work for him (Azikiwe).

“I remember the first time I saw Zik, when he came to Tiv land, it was in 1946. I remember I had six shillings and I was so moved that I donated the entire sum to his cause…

“It was this conviction that made me take the Rt. Hon. Nnamdi Azikiwe throughout the Federal Republic of Nigeria canvassing for votes to make him the executive president of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in the 1979 elections.


“To my greatest surprise and shock.. the majority of the Igbo people told me that no Igbo man could become President.”

The elder statesman however challenged credible Igbos to contest presidential election.

Let a true, committed, patriotic Nigerian Igbo person lobby, campaign and canvass the votes of Nigerians to vote him/her as president.


“I believe the people of Nigeria if convinced will vote that Igbo man/woman as President”.

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