Warri Royal Battle: Activist Calls For New Succession Edict, Says Ologbotsere Not Opposed To Olu Of Warri Designate


Comrade Weyinmi Olley, Itsekiri-born National Coordinator of Niger Delta Grassroots Organization, NDGO, has urged Itsekiri nation to raise new succession Edict possible within two weeks, to enable Ologbotsere safely join ongoing enstoolment process.

Olley made the charge on the back drop of Ologbotsere, Chief Ayirimi Emami’s recent statement entitled; “I’ve nothing personal against Tsola Emiko”, Olu of Warri Designate.

The activist who said that the statement credited to the Ologbotsere, herald reconciliation, further said “avoidable discord in the Ginuwa ruling house, those who had gone to court, all simply demonstrated, like Chief Ayirimi Emami, respect for extant law and the Warri crown that the Itsekiri nation is known for”.

“I therefore appeal that instead of being confrontational,  dismissive and “suspending” Ologbotsere, the majority opposed to the 1979 Edict should present a better persuasion that could smoothen the ongoing enstoolment process”, Olley offered

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“Haven said that, it is my appeal that law is supposed to be dynamic to serve the purpose of all including aggrieved persons in a matter like this. It is the dynamism of law that necessitated an Edict as recent as 1979 for a stool as old as over 600 years and nothing stops the law from being urgently reviewed to bring it in line with our nature or disposition and present realities”, Olley said.

“The Itsekiri have been a patrilineal society, does not discriminate ethnic groups, be they Ijaw, Urhobo, Edo, Yoruba or any other ethnic nationality in marriage which is indeed a God-ordained model exemplified by the Itsekiri for Nigeria and the world and has ensured the survival of the Itsekiri nation”, Olley maintained.

“Aside other examples, we have had Dom Domingo, an Olu with a Portuguese mother who reigned for 10 years, several decades before 1979 which made Itsekiri gain the rare distinction of producing the first graduate in Sub-Saharan Africa. A quick assemblage of Itsekiri nation can review the 1979 Edict in keeping with our innate nature so Chief Ayirimi Emami, the Ologbotsere can safely play his role in the ongoing enstoolment process, end the present sabre rattling and project the Itsekiri as a people united by their crown”, Olley posited.

“I am sure that given the grounds I have suggested, the Ologbotsere and others would make compromises for a smooth enstoolment. In 2017, I lent my voice in support of Chief Emami’s Ologbotsere title, saying he was ideal choice despite massive opposition. I had argued that Gani Adams and Ateke Tom despite negative perceptions and massive opposition got the high-ranking Aare Ona Kakanfo title in Yoruba land and King of Okochri in Wakirike, in Ijaw land in Rivers State respectively, insisting that Chief Ayirimi Emami, an undisputed Itsekiri patriot, was eminently qualified for the Ologbotsere titIe. Just like people saw reasons and backed down on their opposition, the Ologbotsere, for his ranking love for Itsekiri should join in the crowning of the present Olu Designate, who is also fit for the throne”, he appealed.