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I’ll Make Ghana Viable, Self-sufficient – APC Presidential Candidate, Ayariga



Frontline presidential candidate in Ghana, Dr Hassan Ayariga

pledges to run a transparent, inclusive government

Dr. Hassan Ayariga, a Ghanaian presidential candidate under the platform of the All People’s Congress (APC) for the 2024 general election, has said that he aims to make Ghana a viable and self-sufficient nation by leveraging its resources, promoting local production, and running a transparent and inclusive government.

As the Frontline presidential candidate in the country, Ayariga said that he would tap into Ghana’s vast natural resources and utilize them in a sustainable manner to drive economic growth and development if elected president in 2024.


In an exclusive interview with BIGPEN NIGERIA (, Ayariga said that his agenda would include implementing policies and strategies to encourage local production and reduce the country’s reliance on imported goods.

Dr. Ayariga pledged to run a transparency and inclusive government, ensuring that all sectors of the society would be represented and their voices heard.

He expressed his commitment to promoting good governance, accountability, and fighting corruption, which he believes are essential for the progress of the nation.


In addition to harnessing resources and promoting local production, Ayariga highlighted the importance of investing in education and healthcare.

He recognized the role of human capital development in nation-building and promised to prioritize these sectors to improve the overall well-being of the Ghanaian population.

His vision focuses on sustainable development, economic growth, and improving the quality of life for all Ghanaians.


Dr. Ayariga said that he would leverage the country’s natural resources, such as minerals, and agricultural resources, for the economic development of the country, stressing that the approach would involve prudent management of these resources, including sustainable extraction methods, efficient processing, and responsible distribution.

“The mineral resources that our forefathers fought for us to gain independence—gold, diamonds, and bauxite—should be for the people of Ghana and not for anybody else because this is where it come from. Every resource that belongs to us—gold, diamonds, and bauxite should actually be consumed and managed by Ghanaians and not by foreigners”.

Ayariga who had part of his early education in Zaria, Kaduna state, Nigeria, while his parents were in exile in the country, emphasized the importance of promoting local production to meet domestic consumption needs.


According to Ayariga who founded the APC in 2016 after leaving the People’s National Convention (PNC) following Internal party’s crisis, his vision involves encouraging Ghanaian businesses and entrepreneurs to invest in industries that produce goods and services that are currently imported.

“So I thought if we want to create opportunity for people, the government must be able to create jobs for people to become millionaires and create an enabling environment where businesses can thrive. And at the same time, the government must be able to take care of those who cannot afford to get jobs”.

The Accountant by profession, said that the approach would not only reduce Ghana’s reliance on foreign products but also create job opportunities and stimulate economic growth within the country.


Dr. Ayariga, who was in Nigeria alongside his wife, Anitta, to attend the 2nd coronation anniversary of the paramount ruler of Warri Kingdom, Delta State, the Olu of Warri, His Majesty Ogiame Atuwatse III with a team of Dutch investors led by environmental rights activist, Dr. Sunny Ofehe, said that his administration, when elected, would propose various strategies and policies that would make the country viable.

He pledged to provide incentives and support for local industries, foster innovation and technological advancements, enhance vocational training and education, and implement favorable trade policies that protect and promote Ghanaian products.

“I am bringing in a society where the government will be supporting small-scale industries and entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and giving them tax holidays to be able to sustain their businesses rather than giving it to foreigners that are taking over our country and our children becoming 24th century slaves”.


The philanthropist and entrepreneur, who was educated in both Germany and the United States, said that he would be bringing transparency, leadership, accountability, and inclusiveness to government, stressing that “inclusive government concept means that I don’t care whether you vote for me or vote against me”.

“I believe there are certain people who might not belong to my party but can help build our country, so I will give them the opportunity because I know they are very talented and intelligent as members of our citizens who can help build our country.

“It means when I become president it’s not only members of the APC that would hold position in my government. Anybody who is qualify, who has requisite knowledge and skills who is capable of helping my country whether he is in my party as a government or in another party as opposition I will get you to serve our nation”.


The 50 years old presidential candidate who contested the presidential election in 2011/2012 while he was at his 40s and came third position, said that his candidacy has gained general acceptance been that his party is a political party that embraced both the democrats and socialists.

“We have the right wing and left wing. In Ghana it’s either you are a democrat or you’re in the socialist party. Now I decided that look there are people in Ghana who believe in certain ideology of a democratic political party and there are some people who also believe in the socialist party.

“We believe in the democratic principals and we believe in the socialist principals. That’s the meaning of the All People’s Congress. It’s the hybrid of the two. We believe that we want to make some people rich. Those who want to become rich we will give you environment to become rich. Those who cannot afford to become rich we will as a government take care of those people because they also our citizens, they are our property and we must train them, give them skill and requisite knowledge and talent to get to where they want to get to in life”.


“We will eliminate the waste of our resources. In Ghana, we will eliminate mismanagement. I am going to create a national data system that will capture information of every Ghanaian, from your date of birth, finger print, facial recognition , data of where you work, house number, phone number, and everything about you will be captured in the national data base, including your blood sample, so that our country will become a policing kind of country where crime will become zero, corruption will become zero, wastage will become zero, terrorism will become zero, armed robbery will become zero, and crime will be zero”.

While soliciting the cooperation of different stakeholders for the overall economic and political well-being of Ghana, he described himself as a President who would stand for the youth, stressing, “I am the president of the youth. All we need to do is harness what we have and make our country a viable place for people to live. we can build our own society, we can build our own country”, he enthused.