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REVEALED: Nigeria’s ‘President’ Luxury Mansion In UK



Leo Stan Ekeh's house in UK

This expensive smart-tech residential mansion in a most exclusive luxury estate for billionaires about 10 minutes away from London is known to belong to a Nigerian President.

But who among the past presidents of Nigeria, as insinuated, owed it, no one in London could tell until it was mentioned this year.

This was at an exclusive viewing of Luxury properties in the UK’s expensive city of Mayfair on June 2.


Apparently, the property belongs to Nigerian born and Africa’s Leading Tech Entrepreneur (Forbes), Dr. Leo Stan Ekeh, Chairman of Zinox Group.

On further enquiry, we found out that one of UK’s best builders, Heritage Designs, went bankrupt on this site but Ekeh had to engage another company to complete this exclusive eye-popping mansion.

The interesting gist about this property is that Ekeh was queried at the entrance gate of this estate over 40 years ago when he was invited to a birthday party of a Sheik’s son who was his school mate at City University London.


We were told that young Ekeh took offence with the friendly query and boasted to his friend’s mother that he loved the place and would live in the estate in future.

His friend’s mother thought he was a joker and always joked with Leo Stan’s ambitions with his kids.

It is really a story of how a poor Nigerian student could make his dream come true.


According to verified information, 23 years after Dr. Ekeh quit his LLM post-graduate studies in London and used his schools fees to launch tech entrepreneurship in Nigeria and few other African countries, he bought the first tech house in this exclusive estate.

The property, we can confirm, was marketed for £11.5 million and with the help of Barclays Bank, he was able to acquire it after he completed a major tech project in one of the Arab countries.

And just 12 years ago, he competed and acquired this exclusive five acres of land from the estate of a lady who died at 98 years of age and built what is described as one of the best tech houses in Europe and the biggest luxury mansion in the estate.


This, we hear, was Dr. Ekeh’s ambition and he achieved it.

This tech mansion is a better version of his Bourdillon, Ikoyi, Lagos State residence, which he built 23 years ago.

The Ikoyi mansion is built on about 6000sqm of land, which he bought from the British Government for about £1.4 million.


His Abuja Asokoro mansion looks same, but we were told that though he completed the Abuja mansion over 12 years ago, he has not slept there even for a night because of his impatient digital lifestyle.

He lives a smart life, and he’s always on the go.

On the UK mansion, we were told it is a dream fulfilled.


The tech and luxury spec of the house is out of this world.

We were also informed that many Russian and Arab billionaires who used their contacts with leadership of KnightFrank Properties to convince Dr. Ekeh to sell this property at a premium were turned down as he insisted he would live in the mansion for at least 10 years before picking the highest bidder who must be a big investor in the tech sector.

One of the consultants at the event told us that the mansion is one of the most ambitious residential tech houses he has seen in the world in his 19 years in the industry.


He said because it is a private residence, he is unable to explain the contents of the house, but described it as a digital monument as there is not much to enhance in the building in the next 40 years.

What we could not confirm is if he sold it last year like one of the Consultants suspects.

(The Eagle Online)

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