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Obi Cubana Explains Decision To Open Tricycle Plant In Lagos Instead Of Southeast



Nigerian entrepreneur, Obi Cubana, has made a bold business move by opening a keke assembly plant in Ikorodu, Lagos, despite expectations that he would establish it in the Eastern part of the country, given his Igbo heritage.

In a statement, Cubana explained that business decisions should be driven by strategy and what works, rather than emotions or ethnicity.

He emphasized that setting up the plant in Lagos will allow it to thrive and create jobs, and that expansion to other locations, including the East, may follow in the future.

His words; “Since the news of the tricycle assembling plant broke, many have asked, “Why not in the Eastern part of the country?” Let me tell you, young people – business decisions aren’t driven by emotions, but by strategy and what works.


“If setting up the plant in Ikorodu, Lagos will make it thrive and create jobs, then why not? Maybe with time, the business can expand to other locations, based on proven success and consolidation.

“Don’t let ethnicity or the fear of what people will say dictate your business decisions. Make informed, strategic choices with the big picture in mind. Remember, when your business fails, opinions won’t save it”.

Cubana’s move has sparked mixed reactions on social media with many commending his pragmatic approach to business, and his willingness to prioritize success over ethnic considerations.


Below are some pictures from the production site:

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