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‘Tinubu’s Secret Past In U.S Jail For Narcotics, Credit Card Fraud Exposed’



Newly uncovered information has shed light on Bola Tinubu’s hidden history, revealing that he spent a total of five years in U.S jail under the alias Yekini Amoda Sangodele.

BIGPEN NIGERIA ( reports that this information was disclosed by US based journalist, Jackson Ude on X (former Twitter) handle on Monday.

In the post which is already generated heated debate on the micro blogging website, Ude alleged that the charges against Tinubu involved two separate instances of narcotics crimes and credit card fraud during the late 1960s and early 1970s.

According to him, U.S sources, citing official FBI files, confirm that Tinubu was subsequently deported to Nigeria.

Despite his attempts to return to the U.S, he was unable to do so, he claimed.


Instead, he obtained a visa for Canada and re-entered the U.S from there, reuniting with his associates in Chicago and resuming his involvement in the drug trade.

The post alleged that it was during this time that he assumed the name Bola Tinubu, a name he has retained ever since.

Meanwhile, some respondents have voiced their opinion against and in support of the post.


One of the commenter, @lordhero wrote; “For argument purposes, you mean when he was arrested as the so called Yekini Amosa Sangodele he was not booked and processed by the authorities? He was not Fingerprinted? He was not photographed? that he can return to the US as another individual with different name”.

In his response, Ude urged the commenter to wait until FBI release the official document on Tinubu’s alleged secret past.

He wrote: “The tweet post said he was deported after serving jail term under his real name. The tweet post said he couldn’t return to the U.S and opted to head to Canada. The tweet post said he left Canada and re-entered Chicago. Daily, people smuggle themselves from Canada to the U.S or from the U.S to Canada. In those days, it was easier because of the open border system both country shared. A lot of Nigerians living in the U.S entered from Canada in those days by road. It is about 8hrs drive from Canada to Chicago. Also, in those days, it was easy to use someone’s identity. There are lots of Nigerians who live in the U.S and bearing names that they were not known for by friends and families because they bought someone else’s passport with Visa in those days when fingerprinting was not used at the port of entry!”

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