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Supreme Court Complex Fire Confined To Single Chamber – Official



Dr. Festus Akande, the Supreme Court spokesperson, has disclosed that only one chamber was impacted by the fire incident at the Supreme Court complex on Monday morning.

BIGPEN NIGERIA ( reports that the announcement was made during an appearance on Arise News Channel’s ‘The Morning Show’ after the fire had been extinguished by the Court’s Fire Service Department.

LEADERSHIP Newspaper reported that a portion of the top-tier court building, situated in Abuja’s Three Arms Zone, was engulfed in flames.


Akande noted that the fire began between 7:30-8:00am when staff were already present in the office.

While investigations into the incident are ongoing, preliminary findings suggest an electrical fault triggered the fire, according to Akande.

He commended the staff for their quick response, stating that they utilized the fire extinguishers installed throughout the building and managed to control the fire within an hour, even before external fire services arrived.


“They deployed the fire extinguishers installed on all the floors of the court. They were able to douse the fire even before the court heard from the Fire Service outside the Supreme Court. It didn’t take up to an hour before they put out the fire,” he reiterated.

Akande reassured Nigerians that the court’s proceedings will not be impeded by the fire incident.

He mentioned that the fire was confined to a chamber containing computers, stationery, and a working library.


Only these items were damaged, but he emphasized that the books are replaceable and available in digital format through the court’s e-library.

“This incident occurred in a chamber that is equipped with computers and other equipment and also a functional library being used by any Justice that occupies such chamber.

“Only books, stationery and computer equipment were affected. Even the books are replaceable. We also have an e-library, so the books are still available in soft copies,” Akande stated

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