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President Appoints Nigerian Mfon As Environment Minister To State Of Birland



The President of the State of Birland, HRM Dr. Emir Haiyawi, has appointed a Nigerian, Amb. Prof. Joseph Legend Mfon, as the Minister of Environment of the State of Birland.

The President of the State of Birland issued the official decree for the appointment of Amb. Prof. Legend on June 13, 2023, in a letter jointly signed by the Prime Minister, H.R.M Prof. Queen Eden Soriano Trinidad.

The State of Birland is Africa’s newest country and number 55th on the continent of Africa with a geographical location between Sudan and Egypt and a landmass of 2,060 hectares.


This humanitarian nation has received several endorsements and recognition by other countries.

Amb. Dr. Joseph Legend Mfon will by this appointment work towards representation and protection of the interests and nationals of the State of Birland; initiation and facilitation of strategic agreements; treaties and conventions; promotion of information; trade and commerce; technology, and friendly and bilateral relations with other countries.

The President of the State of Birland also stated that the policy on humanitarian diplomacy has been established to provide National Societies and the International Federation with a more effective framework for advancing their core objectives.


It is, therefore, an overarching policy, different from others in that it is designed to support the key messages of National Societies and the International Federation with greater visibility and influence, but not to change the substance of those messages.

The establishment of this humanitarian diplomacy policy is therefore complementary and supportive of all existing policies, programs and strategies of the International Federation.

The appointment will open series of bilateral ties between the state of Birland and other countries with the qualities, attitude and candour of the Secretary of Diplomacy.


The Government of the State of Birland is proud of having a Nigerian who is capable and highly skilled in such a sensitive office.

Amb. Prof. Joseph Legend Mfon

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