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Controversy Trails Newly Imposed N1000 Vehicle Proof Of Ownership Levy As Nigerians Reject Tinubu’s Govt Deal



Nigerians have rejected the newly imposed N1,000 mandatory annual payment for Proof of Ownership Certificate (POC) verification by all motorists introduced by the Bola Tinubu-led administration.

The Lagos State Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Transportation, Engr. Abdulhafiz Toriola, announced the levy on Tuesday. Toriola disclosed that the levy was introduced by the Federal Government Joint Tax Board.

According to Toriola, the Proof of Ownership Certificate will serve as valid proof that a vehicle is legally owned by the registered individual or entity and will contain vital information such as license plate number, model and year of manufacture, in addition to the owner’s name and address.


He added that the document will be issued at the point of renewing vehicle particulars at a minimal fee of One Thousand Naira Only (₦1000).
This comes less than a month after Tinubu announced the removal of fuel subsidy with no cushion or palliatives to alleviate the suffering of the people.

The introduction of the levy has widely drawn criticism from Nigerians who see it as further means of putting more burden on the people and causing them untold hardship.

According to the latest data from the National Bureau of Statistics, there are at least 11.8 million vehicles driven on Nigerian roads.


Some Nigerians who took to Twitter to express their anger described the proof of ownership levy as unnecessary and multiple taxation, according to Sahara Reporters.

“Nigerian drivers are already required to have a driver’s license & other car documents, there’s no need for a Proof of Ownership Certificate. The N1k being imposed on motorists by the govt is ridiculous; It seems like little, but the govt will make millions. This is exploitation,” Daniel Regha said.

“Welcome to Alpha Bitters Republic. Tax master introduced #1,000 proof of ownership fee which we never had before,” said Nwani.


A Twitter user, FS Yusuf said, “So Tinubu Administration will be imposing an annual fee of 1000 Naira on all car owners as “proof of ownership”.    “Please help me make this make sense!!! So why do we renew our papers with VIO annually!

“What has this people added to our pockets that they want to drain us this fast!?”

Felix Okojie said, “Tinubu do not have d wherewithal 4 economic reforms, all he got is subjecting Nigerians to more hardship- from untold increment in PMS to motorist pay 1k for Proof of Ownership, wit electricity tariff hike knocking at our door. What good does he have?”


“The ruling class wants you the ordinary citizen to make sacrifices. First, they removed Fuel subsidy and you buy petrol at more than N500, secondly they floated the naira, you planning to Japa and your hope was paying school fees at the official rate will sacrifice.

“You will now pay at almost the black market rate or even higher. From next month, your electricity tarrif will increase by 40%. And you will start paying N1, 000 annually for verification of proof of ownership,” Okaka tweeted.
“Renewed hope seems to be about continuously taking from the citizens and giving nothing back.

“Renewed hope has taken: 500 per liter for fuel 40% increment on power tariffs.
Annual renewal of Proof ownership
VAT payment on diesel
Nothing has been given in this time.”


“How is paying for a “Proof Of Ownership Certificate” every year not ridiculous when you have documents showing that the property is yours? It seems they did not know what to name the extortion. Why don’t you increase the minimum wage and improve the standard of living first?”
Similarly, on Facebook, many see the newly introduced levy as a means of exploiting the people.

“Yes, Nigeria must be like Lagos. You must be levied for everything you do. Yet the quality of life you get is nothing to show,” said Peter Ajayi.
Ibitola Amos Olaniyi said, “The politicians and Elites want to wipe away poor masses and live alone but God will not allow them.”

“So one needs to be authenticating on yearly bases that his own car is his. Wow. What a country with useless policies,” said Fubara Obene Otorubio.


Olusegun Adeyemi said, The poor are being suffocated by all means.”

Ekanem St Livingstone said, “I said it from day one that if Jagaban became president, the poor would be suffocated with all kinds of taxes as it’s the case in Lagos.

“And this is just the beginning; they’re still brainstorming on what areas of your poor life to tax. From day one in office, the poor have become poorer, there’s not one thing done to favor the living condition of the poor suffering Nigerians.”  “Tinubu was the reason car registration got so expensive in Lagos than any other state in Nigeria, people will pay services through their nose before his tenure ends,” Princeken Kenechi.


Elijah Oluwatoba Akinbo said, “Since we told them to vote wisely and they refused, let’s enjoy the ride together.

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