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‘How And Why I Beheaded Army Couple’ – Militant Opens Up



A gunman who is believed to be among the militants who killed a Nigerian Army couple has confessed to committing the crime.

Daily Trust had reported how A.M Linus, a Master Warrant Officer of the Nigerian Army, alongside his wife to be, were killed on their way to Imo State.

The victims were reportedly heading for their traditional wedding in Imo State when they were killed at a yet to be known location, on Saturday.

According to reports, the woman was raped before she was shot and beheaded. Daily Trust saw images of the couple, with their heads and sensitive organs separated from their bodies.

In a phone conversation, one of the killers was heard speaking with a friend of the slain female soldier.

A male voice was heard saying the victims were killed because of the attacks allegedly carried out by the Nigerian Army.


Below are the details of the conversation:

Slain Soldier’s Friend: Please what happened to my friend?

Male Voice: Are you a soldier?

Slain Soldier’s Friend: No. I’m a civilian, but my friend is a soldier.

Male Voice: You should calm down, okay? It’s quite unfortunate that it has come to this. I killed them. Okay?


Slain Soldier’s Friend: What did they do?

Male Voice: Have you heard of unknown gunmen before ?

Slain Soldier’s Friend: We do watch them in movies.

Male Voice: You watch them in movies, right? You see how soldiers are killing innocent people because of unknown gunmen? That is why I caught them yesterday and I killed them. I killed four of them yesterday.

Slain Soldier’s Friend: Were they all soldiers?


Male Voice: They are all soldiers. Don’t you know your friend is a soldier? Don’t you know your friend? Unknown gunmen don eat these ones.

Slain Soldier’s Friend: For where sir?

Male Voice: For unknown destination.

At this point, the caller burst into tears, but the militant mocked her saying, “So it is paining you ? Hahahahahaha”

Daily Trust cannot independently verify the audio, but the content relates to the incident which has attracted massive condemnation and outrage.


Militants of the proscribed Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and Eastern Security Network (ESN), its armed wing, have been blamed for the widespread attacks in the region.

IPOB and ESN have marked security operatives as targets in the South East.

(This report, excluding headline, contains information from Daily Trust)

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