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Busted! Two Nigerians Arrested For Secretly Printing Fake Currencies In South Africa


South African police have arrested two Nigerians for printing fake currencies secretly in an apartment in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Nigerians simply identified as Chinedu Igali and Emmanuel Osadolor were allegedly caught using machines to roll out hard currencies in Rands, Dollars, Euro, Naira and Pound Sterling.

Police official in South Africa said the suspects were rounded up in an apartment.

“We round the Nigerians up while printing fake currencies in a hidden apartment, they will be prosecuted, the police official said.

Iyade Temitope, criminal reporter, who filled in the story said these two Nigerians live large as “big boys”, driving latest state-of-the-art vehicles, not knowing that their source of livelihood is built on crime.

“For years, they (two Nigerians) print fake currencies in their hideouts in Long Street and Adderley Street where they have apartments hidden away from the public eyes”.

He said that the suspects during their confession had begged for forgiveness, and apologized for the crime, blaming it on the “devil”.

Naija Standard reports that under the cover of the night, the suspects would add a few clean bill of Rands and Dollars to the bulky fake currencies and spend the fund in buying huge appliances and costly products.

The newspaper report that the suspects were tracked, trailed, arrested and are to be prosecuted for financial money laundering and fraud.

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