My Dad Was Afraid I Will End Up Like Micheal Jackson – Upcoming Female Artist


At the age of 19 years, Presh Naomi, real name (Naomi Branch) already had a single playing on the airwaves in Bayelsa, Rivers and Delta state, and now at 21, and two more singles, she is ready to explode on the music scene. The petite. beautiful music art cum model is chasing her dream with all the vigor of a conqueror, but there are challenges. She spoke with our correspondent, on her music, family, her ambition and challenges


Let get to know you?

My real name is Naomi Branch, I am from Delta state, but I grow up in Warri and Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. I am 21 years old. I attended Early Foundation group of school, Yenagoa, Bayelsa state. I intend going to the university to read theatre art. I am into modeling and a practicing photographer.

How long have you been into music?

Two years ago’ but music have always been there, right from when I was a kid. The music is in the family, I grow up watching my father and brother sing, though not as professionals but they do have good voices and a very strong passion for music. I do sing at church choir at times and from the feed back and response, I know I will make it big in music.

Apart from music, what else?

I am into Photography and modeling and I love acting’ mostly movies

What your inspiration and who among the musicians inspires you?

Life, things happening around us, those are things that inspire me and my inspiration and idol in music is Yemi Alade. Her story and how she rose to fame inspire me too.

Who is your idol

Yemi Alade, her music and her story inspired me. I love her brand of music and her strong personality. She is one diva I love so much.

Genre of music?

Pop, Afro highlife 

Any album yet?

Working on one, but i have three hit songs playing already on radio stations, clubs and online. I am working on the video of my new song , titled Ayo.

What’s AYO all about?

It’s about me thanking God for all he has done for me in just a short time of deciding to embrace professional music career. God have been so gracious and I just want to use the music to thank the almighty God for His divine help 

Any challenge?

One of the major challenges is funding and sexual harassment from men, especially those who you approach for help and those who wants to help you. It’s very challenging, especially for young beautiful upcoming acts like me going into music as rookies. A case in point was a radio presenter and a comedian, who tried to rape me because I was looking for a job. I was able to escape from his grip and reported him to the police, he was arrested but he was released because his family is rich and influential. There are many cases like that and the only way to make is if can you get a genuine sponsor.

How will rate Nigeria music in the international scene?

Nigeria music has taken all over the world and they are doing better than foreign music now. The music is better, the followership is tremendous and a whole lots of money is harvested through music in Nigeria now. It’s amazing.

Why are you into music?

I love music, it’s fun, it’s food for the soul. I am into music just for the fun and maybe I can make some money through it. 

What your current label?

None yet, I am trying to get a label. I have had offers in Bayelsa but most of them just want to use and dump you. They can’t help you.

What your type of man?

Am a still kid but I love nice men, not too religious and kind. I don’t like loud man, men who talk too much. 

What’s is your take about virginity and keeping it for 

It doesn’t change anything, maybe it did before but now even those who grt married as virgin still get separated. It’s no longer in vogue. 

Are you a religious person?

No actually, I go to church but I don’t have this ‘holier than thou attitude’. I believe that ones attitude, one lifestyle and ways of living should tell more of who you are and not church attendance.

How desperate are you to make it to the top, Can you sleep with a producer to have a lead role in a movie or sign a record deal worth milłions?

I am not that desperate and I don’t  think that will be necessary. I should depend on my talents though I know there are lots of talents out there competing for a small space. I believe in my talent and I know that with hard work, one don’t have to use his or her body to curry favor. Favor comes from God and God only”

What is your parent reaction to your musical ambition?

My dad was glad and encouraged me but he warned and was afraid that I will end up like Michael Jackson. I don’t why he said that but my dad actually passed through a lot before he finally gave up on music. He own a music studio then and up till now I still listen to some of his songs.


Writing, singing, traveling.

How do you ike to relax?

Listening to music

Do male artists also harass their female acts sexually 

Yes, there are some who want to take advantage of you but there are genuine ones but it is very difficult to know who is genuine and who wants to take advantage.

If you are given an opportunity to do a duet with a male act, who will that be?

My dream duet partner will be Johny Drill. Because his music is different from the normal one everyone wants to follow. He is a unique kind of guy with a unique style of music.

How is your love life?

Not interesting, just normal.