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PDP Bribery Scandal: Group Demands Suspension, Investigations Into Arapaja, Orbih, Affah-Attoe, Others’ Anti-Party Activities 



The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Coalition for Good Governance has strongly denounced the anti-party activities of the Deputy National Chairman (South), Amb. Taofeek Arapaja, the National Vice Chairman (South South), Chief Dan Orbih, the National Vice Chairman (South West), Olasoji Adagunodo, the National Vice Chairman (South East), Chief Ali Odefa, and the National Woman Leader, Prof. Stella Affah-Attoe.

In a statement released to Journalists, the group’s national coordinator, Muhammad Suleman, general secretary, Owolabi Adebola, and national publicity secretary, Ephraim Obinna, expressed their displeasure with the party’s officers for trying to bring the party’s name into severe public disrepute and ruin its chances of success in the general elections of 2023.

The statement said that, these allegedly compromised National Officers gave in to the Party’s enemies by misrepresenting their Housing Allowances—legal entitlements that were duly approved and paid to national officials and staff of the Party—to the general public as a bribe. 

According to credible sources cited by the group, the plot is not directed against Sen. Dr. Iyorchia Ayu, the PDP’s national chairman, but rather is a part of a well-funded, covert scheme to weaken the PDP, sabotage its presidential campaign, and prevent His Excellency Atiku Abubakar from winning the general elections of 2023 as he rightfully deserves.

The statement reads, “We have also received information about how huge sums of money exchanged hands to prosecute and expose the PDP to public opprobrium a day after the inauguration of the Party’s Presidential Campaign Council.” 


“The action of these National Officers amounts to serious betrayal of trust, gross misconduct, abuse of office, and unpardonable anti-Party activity in violation of Section 58 (1) of the Constitution of the PDP, 2017 (as amended).  

“This is especially important as these National Officers are part of the National Working Committee, which approved the funds in line with the already established Terms and Conditions of Service of staff and principal officers of the Party.  

“In this regard, we call for the immediate investigation into the financial activities of these officials following allegations that they were heavily bribed to execute such a despicable scheme against the Party and our Presidential Candidate. 

“We call for a scrutiny of their bank records following the findings that they received their housing allowances since September 14, 2022, and utilized it for the designated purpose.” An An investigation should ascertain who raised the funds they returned after spending their housing allowances. 

“This is especially given allegations that these Party officials disclaimed and returned the housing allowance after huge sums exceeding the housing allowance were reportedly paid into their accounts by agents of a particular state governor to work against the Party. 


“Consequently, we call for the immediate resignation, suspension, and investigation of these National Officers of our Party for anti-party activity and attempts to scuttle our presidential campaign.” 

“Moreover, since his election as Deputy National Chairman (South), Amb. Taofeek Arapaja has taken no steps to unite and stabilize the party in the South. Rather, he allowed disunity to fester in such a manner that threatened the existence of the Party in the region. He is a huge liability to our party and, having been exposed, should resign forthwith. 

“In the same vein, the National Vice Chairman, (South South) Dan Orbih, has continued to demonstrate serious disloyalty and lack of capacity for leadership. He has reduced his office to an annex of a particular state governor. He has not demonstrated the qualities of a leader and, as such, should resign. 

“Similarly, the National Woman Leader, Prof. Affah-Attoe has not demonstrated the desired capacity to mobilize our women for the 2023 general elections. She lacks vision and cannot command the support and loyalty of women. She should therefore resign and allow a more vibrant person to provide leadership for our women. 

“Finally, we call on all members and teeming supporters of our Party to maintain focus and not allow our Party to be distracted by sponsored antics by such unpatriotic individuals,” the group said in the statement.



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