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Our attention has been drawn to a statement titled: “Women Professionals issue statement of objection to Oborevwori’s campaign message”, credited to “The Association of Delta Women Professionals” and signed by one Dr. Mrs. Otarognene Fejiro (President) and the first thing we will say in response to this statement is that:

1. “The Association of Delta Women Professionals” does not exist and that this nonexistent entity, which is alien and unknown amongst all serious and, registered gender-based, NGOs, CBOs, and, socio/cultural pressure groups is a mere contraption, coined and contrived from the warped and dubious imagination of a certain aspirant in his desperate obsession for political power to mislead and misinform Deltans.

2. Dr. Mrs. Otarognene Fejiro, the said “President” of this group also does not exist as a human being by that identity and nomenclature and is also another contrivance from the devilish and evil mindset of those whose reputational stock in trade has always been linked to fraudulent, corrupt and underhand manipulations of anything, including a political rally to score cheap political points.


3. That contrary to the first allegation in the “ghost-issued” Press Statement, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori did not and has never in any of his rallies and consultations right from the beginning of his career till date, pronounced, claimed, or stated in any campaign message, either by inference or direct messaging or declaration that: “what counts for him is not his First Degree or Masters Degree Certificates but his “street credibility.”

4. We recall with clarity that Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori, in his consultative visits to the core Delta central campaign stumps including Warri and the Ughelli axis, spoke unequivocally of his “street credibility”, especially in bonding with the Warri folks, who have attracted national recognition and indeed considerable attention from not a few language scholars, for their peculiar urban norms, the semantics improvisations of their linguistic ruggedity and existential distinctions.

5. The Cambridge English Dictionary defines “Street Credibility” as: “A quality that makes you likely to be accepted by ordinary young people who live in towns and cities, because you have the same fashions, styles, interests, culture, or opinions”. In other words, it is the quality of being believable or trustworthy. Street credibility is in fact one of the most important ingredients for any politician worth his/her salt to possess in order to blend and connect with the people.


In fact, in his closing comment on one of the Consultative visits, he said: “I want to thank our women and youths too for everything. My street credibility is working for me and I will use it to work for the interest of all Deltans”.

6. We are of course very much aware that some aspirants in this PDP Guber race see themselves as elitist and superior egomaniacal superhuman mutations to real, ordinary Deltans. They have been known to exhibit attitudinally arrogant, distasteful contemptuousness, haughty, egocentric, snobbish opportunism, with disdainful, conceited, pompous excessive self-importance, yet with scant political credit or experience. These people, who may even be nursing incurable preferences or penchants for psychedelic substances and hallucinogens and even exhibiting spontaneous elements of domestic malfeasance, with deeper scrutiny, want to be lords and masters over Deltans.

7. We have looked critically at libelous insinuations and slanderous implications of Point Number 4 of the “ghost Press Statement” and the only obstacle which stands in the way of invoking and instituting legal action, is the fact that both the group and its president are non-existent. Otherwise, we challenge them to provide solid verifiable proof of their existence and identities, if they are bold and courageous enough to stand before a proper court of law to defend their claims.


8. We also take strong exception to the mention of the name of Dame Edith Okowa, the wife of His Excellency, Senator, Dr. Ifeanyi Okowa, the Executive Governor of Delta State. This indeed is the very height of a shameless, grafting, devious, manipulative manifestation of the crude baseness, depravity, and vaunting obsession for political power, taken to a new disturbing, dangerous, desperate, and frightening level in the politics of Delta State. This is the kind of imported derogatory political culture which these elitist folks want to bring into our decent politics. Deltans will resist them comprehensively.

9. For the avoidance of doubt, we want to state again that this “ghost Press Release” is a cheap campaign from the pit of hell. Our amiable principal, SHERIFF Oborevwori, is eminently qualified and has a well-balanced education. He has a BSc and a Masters degree and could never have preached against the acquisition of quality education. What he alluded to is education without character, scruples, respect for others, and the, abuse of assigned responsibilities, synonymous with their so-called product.

10. Indeed, nobody is perfect, but we must thank God for the existential imperfections and accommodation which define Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori and has honed and nurtured him over the years, from youth to midlife adulthood, into a personality that is charming, accommodating, courteous, accessible, content in his result-oriented capacity, and ability to achieve altruistic goals, and a great team player and all-round human being.


Calm, focused, determined, firm, exhibiting admirable humility and simplicity, and unwavering in his conduct and convictions, Sheriff Oborevwori is a detribalized “home boy” to his friends, associates, peers, and colleagues.

His generosity and humaneness are legendary. He commands respect with effortless ease and carries himself with a magisterial authority which lends ample credence to the phrase that “Leaders are born, not made”.

He also carries everybody along and his simple, warm, broad, and always constant smile, is as large as a comforting house and as pure and clear as his honest and sincere intentions.


Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori is indeed the perfect epitome of a Pan-Delta Candidate.


Joel Odhomo Salubi (Mr. JOS)
For: Concerned Deltans.

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