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Tension Hits Rooftop As Igboho, Wife Appear In Court In Benin Republic 



Supporters of Yoruba Nation chief agitator, Sunday Adeyemo, popularly known as Sunday Igboho, were surprised by the figures they saw when he and his wife Ropo were brought for trial at Court D’Apeal of Cotonou today, Thursday, July 22, 2021.

A report this evening by the online edition of The PUNCH quoted one of Igboho’s supporters who attended the court session as saying that the activist and his wife looked pale. Igboho’s lawyer, Chief Yomi Alliyu (SAN), had earlier complained that he was being tortured in police custody.

The PUNCH report spoke of a tense atmosphere as the court began hearing Igboho’s case in the Benin Republic capital.

“Some of the supporters, who went to witness the case, told The PUNCH on the telephone that the environment is tensed.

“It was gathered that many of the supporters, who did not know when the Yoruba rights activist arrived in court, trooped into the courtroom to see him,” the report said.

It quoted the National Chairman of Ilana Omo Oodua, Prof Wale Adeniran, as telling one of its correspondents at 03.18 pm: “Oosa (Igboho) is here. We are about to start the hearing. His case has been called. Everywhere is peaceful but there is tension here,” he whispered on the telephone.

“He is in court with his wife. Hearing will commence shortly.”

Apart from Igboho’s supporters from Lagos, Yoruba-speaking indigenes in Benin Republic, including monarchs were also said to be attending the hearing.

One of the supporters, Alabi Mojeed Ajeleye, told the paper that Igboho’s bravery is a morale booster for many Yoruba rights activists.

He reportedly said: “We are here because of Sunday Igboho. We don’t want him to be extradited to Nigeria. He has been the one fighting for the rights of Yoruba people in Nigeria from killer herdsmen.

“They already attacked his home and killed his people. What is the Nigerian government looking for again?

“They have not released those arrested and we have not heard anything and you expect us to allow Benin Republic to leave this one again.

“Those of us in Benin that are Yoruba indigenes feel relieved hearing his name. He is a form of encouragement for us. Please let him remain in Benin or allow him to go to Germany. He will be killed in Nigeria and nobody will be encouraged to fight for the people again. We don’t want him to be killed like MKO Abiola.”

Igboho was arrested Monday night after fleeing Nigeria to evade arrest by Nigeria’s secret police. He and his wife (a German citizen) were on their way to Germany when he was identified in the aircraft and they were made to disembark

(…With News Express report)