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Bye-gone PDP chairmanship aspirant, Bode George has been crying over “monetized” 2017 convention. He quits.

What was he expecting? A Christmas gift from Santa Claus in the most expensive grotto in the world – politics!

Bode, what a bogus dream. There is no free gift in free town….

His brother Ayo Fayose and Rivers muscle man, Nyesom Wike and gang must be suffused in laughter now.

Governors are the most powerful people in Nigeria.

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world”, William Wallace told us in 1865. Sir George should know better.

When he reigned as governor of Ondo state (1988- 1990), he was a lavish lord. The fate of families were virtually in his fat hands .

In Nigeria’s dependent clime, governors own the latitude to move men and money. Persons and parties, groups and communities, private and corporate concerns – all interests, go grovel before them for favours.

They get applauses when they give solicited chances but oh no, they cannot take in their personal choices! Are you serious ?

Ask the comrade governor Adams Oshiomhole why he made Godwin Obaseki governor above all. He will simply answer…. ” Na God win” .

Who put Buhari on seat? Advertised integrity and thousands of his cows, goats and sheep! Bola Tinubu, Rotimi Amaechi, Bukola Saraki and Nasir El Rufai will just chuckle in gubernatorial wonder .

State party chairmen, local government bosses, ward leaders and other stakeholders are all volunteer chefs in the governor’s sweet kitchen. He has more than the knife and yam. He has all the ingredients.

This is not about APC, PDP, APGA, Labour Party and even the fake ones. It is the pudding of power. Power in Nigeria .

If you want to eat it, work hard to become a governor.

Go! It is softer than crocodile tears…..

Written by Norbert Chiazor, a veteran journalist and public commentator

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