Militants Threaten Showdown Over Alleged Plans To Move NDDC To SGF Office

Photo Credit: Tife Owolabi
Niger Delta Militants. Photo credit: Tife Owolabi

Alleged plans to move the Niger Delta Development Commission (NDDC) from the supervision of Ministry of Niger Delta Affairs to the Office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (OSGF) may spark unrest in the oil rich Niger Delta, BIGPEN Online has learnt.

Already, a militant group, the Reformed Niger Delta Avengers (RNDA) on Monday issued a threat to shut down oil installations if the plans scale through.

The alleged sinister plans to move NDDC to the OSGF is coming amidst controversy trailing the recent appointments by the presidency.

The group threatened to resume hostilities in the Niger Delta, if the Federal Government change the status-quo, not minding the negative impact the action will have in the economy of the country. 

RNDA, a coalition of nine militant groups in a statement signed by “General Commanding Officer, Major General” Johnmark Ezon-Ebi, and obtained by BIGPEN Online, alleged that anti Niger Delta forces were allegedly behind the move.

They warned those behind the purported plan to desist from doing so or face the consequences of their actions as they threatened not to spare anyone in the coming onslaught christened “Final Battle to Rescue NDDC from the Hawks, Blood for Oil”.

The statement reads, “Let it be put on record that if the NDDC is removed from the supervision of the Niger Delta Ministry to the Office of the Secretary to the federation government, we will carry out collateral damage on all available oil installations and facilities across the length and breadth of the Niger Delta region. 

“We have warned and there will be no going back as enough is enough with playing politics and power tussle with the development of the region which spoon that feeds the nation. 

“If this callous, inhuman, devilish and heartless arrangement is not put to an end the RNDA should not be hold responsible for any causality that happens to bring down the production of crude oil production in the creeks of Niger Delta.

“The RNDA with the nine other militant groups in the creek will not fold their hands to allow such wicked inhuman barbaric arrangement to take place just to suffer the people of the Niger Delta.

“The Leader of RNDA at the emergency meeting with its high militant command from the region also discuss some affecting issues in the creek and vowed that the nation will be brought to its knees.

“We vowed to return Nigeria to the era of another recession if the secretary to federal government and the so called selfish self centered greedy power drunk politicians refuses to stop their evil arrangement.

“Let every sons and daughters of the Niger Delta region and the country be known that any attempt by some misguided corrupt power drunk criminal elements who are bent on removing the supervision of the NDDC from the Niger Delta Ministry to the OSGF will only lead to the crippling of the nation’s economy because that will be the last option we will not rest until we bring down the oil and gas sector to ground zero, “a word is enough for the wise”.

“We sternly warn those behind this evil plot to retrace their steps or live to regret their actions as they will not be spared in the onslaught christened “Final Battle to Rescue NDDC from the Hawks, Blood for Oil”.