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It is three years today that Gen. Muhammedu Buhari swept in to Aso Rock with great fanfare and high promises.

In that three years I have seen Nigeria deteriorate from what he met it in 2015.

In that time I have been a constant critic of Buhari and his policies not because of partisanship but principally because I believe we deserve better.


In Gen. Buhari’s three year in office I have seen the security situation worsen with Fulani herdsmen going on a wanton display of inhuman cruelty never before evidenced in this climes. They have killed, plundered and pillaged whole communities across the middle belt through to the Southern Nigeria killing and maiming mainly Christian communities.

The miyetti Allah the parent body of Fulani herdsmen has constantly gone on national television to warn of more destruction yet the government has looked the other way. The best it has ever done are some tepid responses and the killings continue unabated.

The Boko Haram menace on whose destructive shoulders Buhari and his APC swept into office with a promise to end has remained largely undefeated. Though the government has claimed a “technical victory”, the murderous sect has continued their bombing orgy in Borno state. Yet this government finds it easy to send figheter jets to the largely peaceful South Eastern Nigeria including the Niger Delta.

Today any non jaundiced comment or knows that our security situation today is worse than it was in 2015 and the sad part is we see no plan/strategy/policy of government to improve the security of the people.


On the economy, the voodoo policies of this government has left the people with woes and tears. From the forex manipulations to budget padding, the monumental disaster has been a hit back to back. One can hardly point to any economic policy that have elevated our economy.

Their jaundiced policy berthed recession and the continued contraction. Today $1 = #350, the worst Nigeria has ever witnessed. Yet the government like the ostrich has continued to blame past government instead of taking responsibility.


On the fight against corruption, one of the major planks on which Buhari swept to power has remained largely a misuse of state apparatus to intimidate and cow the opposition.

Sadly outside the media fanfare and trials of accused person, this government has not been able to account for one conviction of any past government official in all of the three years they have now held sway! This government has shown such bias in their so called war on corruption that it is safe to say they don’t have any war on corruption!

A government that reinstated Maina, refused to prosecute the SGF after he was indicted, failed to sack the CoS despite evidence of his corruption etc cannot be held to be serious about it’s so called fight against corruption.


This government came into power via many promises one of which was to end medical tourism but as today Gen. Buhari is the poster boy for medical tourism! sad isn’t it?

Three years after it is safe to say that this government has performed woefully: power has remained at where they met it, there is presently no policy from them on how to improve power, agriculture suffers , education is obviously not in their agenda.

Now our neighbors use us as a negative example.

What will save our nation is a restructured nation and until we achieve that we will be groping in the dark with people like Buhari at the helm.

In 2019 our people must look beyond religion and ethnicity in making their choices. They must be wary of people with multitude of words for there lies deceit!

May God bless us all.

Okolo Hessington is a lawyer, environment rights campaigner and the self styled Rt. Hon. Speaker of the Masses Assembly and National President Lazy Nigerian Youths Association.