Nigeria’s 1914 Amalgamation House In Tattered State 107 Years After [PHOTOS]

Amalgamation house

Amalgamation house in Ikot Abasi, Akwa Ibom State, is now literally a ghost house – ruined and tattered.

BIGPEN understands the house was likely where the union between Northern and Southern Nigeria was cemented in 1914.

However, 107 years after, the house that hosted the amalgamation of Nigeria as one entity, stands abandoned after that historic moment.

Multiple reports say it’s the building in which Lord Lugard signed the law that brought about the amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates of Nigeria in 1914.

Harold Benson, a lawyer and author, who sometimes ago visited Ikot Abasi Local Government in Akwa Ibom state, to explore the old residence of Lord Lugard, the first Governor-General of Nigeria, had painted a picture that appear like the ghost of Lugard was the only thing left in the Amalgamation House.

Amalgamation house

The yarn has other historical monuments like the colonial cemetery, the first overhead water tank, 1929 Women Riot status, ‘Bridge of No Return’ and others, all in Cross River State, that have remained abandoned.

But most notably abandoned is the Amalgamation House, which has its zinc roof gone rusty and broken, with its windows and doors fallen apart and weeds taking over the once lush lawns.

Sadiq A. Abdullahi, an adjunct professor of global education and curriculum development and improvement at Florida International University in Miami, Florida, USA, recently made some comment about the historic house which was reechoed by social critics and former member of Federal Government’s Technical Committee on Niger Delta, Mr. Tony Uranta, on his Facebook page.

Abdullahi wrote; “How unserious can a country or a people ever be…….this is the building where the Amalgamation of the Northern and Southern Protectorates was signed in 1914 in Ikot Abasi (Aluminium City); yet not one Nigerian leader from 1960 to date has ever consider rehabilitating. Shame on us all!!!
“No citizen, Councilor, LG Chairman, Member of the State’s House of Assembly, Member of the House of Representatives, Senator, Governor and Deputy Governor or President and Vice-President has ever considered it worthy to do something or even bring this monument to the attention of the world.

“Even Lord Lugard whose picture still adorn the building will regret in his grave that his name is associated with Nigeria”, he added.