Eminent Filmmaker, Chico Ejiro Dies On Christmas Day

Chico Ejiro

Chico Ejiro, veteran Nollywood filmmaker, is dead. He was 51 years in age.

Mr Prolific, as he was popularly known, died of a suspected cardiac arrest on Christmas Day.

The President of the Actors Guild of Nigeria, Emeka Rollas, confirmed his death.

He said, “I just learnt of his death. The news of his death is so devastating. I do not know the cause of his death; I am still calling around to get the proper information and I am waiting for his association ― The Association of Movie Producers ― to make a statement.”

Also, his colleague and close friend, Zik Zulu, said, “Yes, it is true, Chico Ejiro is dead.”

However, a source close to the deceased revealed that Ejiro died about 2 am on Christmas Day.

“He was ill about five weeks ago and he was rushed to a hospital in Surulere where he was placed on admission. After about a week, he was discharged and he went back home to recuperate.

“From what he said, he had high blood pressure that led to some heart complications. He was recuperating and got better. He even started a production that he was shooting about four days ago but he was not fully involved.

“He was just like the supervising director. He will go to the location and supervise them, so, we all felt that he was good. Although he kept saying that he had not gotten back to his full health; he was still very weak. We were shocked about his death because he was even talking to some of his friends till late last night. I learnt he died about 2 am this morning”, the source said.

Born Chico Maziakpono in Isoko, Delta State, on June 28, 1969, Ejiro was married to Joy Ejiro and they have four children.

He has two brothers: Zeb Ejiro, and Peter Red Ejiro.

Ejiro, who originally studied agriculture, was drawn into video production because Nigerians would not buy blank video cassettes.

He was popular for his blockbuster movies in the 90s. He produced movies like Silent Night, Blood Money, Deadly Affair, among several other notable movies.

His remains have been deposited at the morgue.