Delta: Man Commits Suicide, Sour Relationship With Girlfriend Alleged

A middle-aged man has been reported to have committed suicide in Okuokoko, Delta state, one month after he attempted killing himself after he was allegedly jilted by his girlfriend.

BIGPEN understands the man said to be in his early 30s was found dead in his two bedroom apartment on Sunday morning after residents suspect something was amiss.

Sources said that his whereabouts 24 hours after he was last seen entering his apartment had fueled the suspicion.

The deceased who was rescued a month ago from a suicide mission, was found dead apparently after consuming unknown poisonous substances.

An anonymous source who said he is a friend of the deceased, confirmed that the victim attempted suicide almost a month ago because his girlfriend left him.

The source alleged that the death may be far unconnected to the alleged sour relationship he has with his supposed girlfriend.

“This is something that has happened before. He was rushed to the hospital once, before it reoccurred. Right now, nobody knows what happened. He was just found dead in his house.

“That last month, the girlfriend said she didn’t want the relationship anymore and he drank something and passed out. But fortunately, he was rushed to the hospital and he survived it.

“Every finger is pointing at the girl that it was probably because of love and all that. He was living fine, he had a well paying job. This is an unfortunate occurrence, I don’t really understand,” the friend said.

One source claimed that a medical doctor at the hospital where he was first treated after the failed suicide attempt had advice his family and friend to keep an eye on him, ostensibly because he was suicidal.

State Police Public Relation Officer, DSP Onome Onovwakpoyeya, could not be reached for comment but a police source confirmed the incident, saying the corpse has since been evacuated from the scene.