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Delta LG Polls: Tension In Agbaraha Ward-2 As Oniyere Accused Of Deceiving Gov Oborevwori



Tension is brewing in Agbaraha Ward-2, Ughelli North local government area, as stakeholders in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) accuse a former Delta lawmaker and Special Adviser to the Governor, Hon. Charles Oniyere, of deceiving Governor Sheriff Oborevwori by replacing the party’s councillorship candidate, Mr. Kenneth Okagbare, with one of his allies.

The stakeholders, in a petition to the State Party Chairman, alleged that Oniyere supplanted Okagbare, who won the party primary, with Mr. Collins Arhiakpore, who came second in the primary and recently defected from the All Progressives Congress (APC).

The party primary that produced Okagbare was conducted at Agbarha-Otor Town Hall by 1:00pm on the 15th day of May, 2024.

They claimed that Oniyere’s actions are causing tension and division in the party and may have consequences for the 2027 elections. Oniyere, however, refused to comment on the allegations when contacted by phone. “please I don’t talk to press on phone, if you want to speak to me, try and meet me”.



“We are faithful, consistent and loyal party members who have always been in the party without leaving the party or have defected from the party for any reason or reasons.

“That we have been working assiduously to ensure that the party wins in all elections against all manners of intimidations and harassment.


“That so far, most of the appointments made by our amiable governor, His Excellency, Rt. Hon. Sheriff Oborevwori in the Ward goes to the APC returnees without us complaining as we need more people to work with. Our only goal is winning elections for the party come 2027 and beyond.

“That in line with your directives regarding the forth coming Local Government Elections, we met as a party on the 14th day of May, 2024 at the Ward Headquarters and unanimously agreed to conduct a primary for all members of the party who are interested in becoming the Ward Councillor who would represent the Ward at the Council. Thereby giving all interested members a level playing field in line with Section 50(4) of our party’s constitution.

“In the said meeting, it was also agreed that the primary should be held at Agbarha-Otor Town Hall by 1:00pm on the 15th day of May, 2024. It was further agreed that indirect primary method be adopted based on which, we were given a list of delegates that would vote in the agreed primary.


“That one of the contestants, Mr. Collins Arhiakpore pasted the correct and agreed notice of the primary in the above-mentioned loop on the same day, Tuesday, 14 day of May, 2024.

“Consequent on the above, a total number of 3 persons namely: (1) Mr. Rapheal Aregbor, (2) Mr. Kenneth Okagbare and (3) Mr. Collins Arhiakpore presented themselves for the primary/contest. While one, Mr. Omokpe Augustine boycotted.

“The primary was conducted as agreed by Mr. Ejovwoke Agbubi and Mr. Emmanuel Esiri who were invited from another ward by Hon. Daniel Emaye, Agbarha Federal Ward Chairman, who equally supervised the primary to pick our councillorship candidate with Mr. Mathias Ovbloghor, Agbarha State Ward 2 Chairman, Elders and Leaders’ Council.


“The primary was held at the agreed venue and on the agreed date and time. And a total number of 44 persons were accredited, only 43 persons voted. And Mr. Kenneth Okagbare scored a total of 25 votes, Mr. Collins Arhiakpore scored a total of 14 votes, while Mr. Rapheal Aregbor scored a total of 4 votes.

“And based on the above, Mr. Kenneth Okagbare, having scored the majority valid votes was declared the winner and returned as such, therefore, he is the councillorship candidate of Agbarha Ward 2, Ughelli North for the forth-coming local government election. We supported the emergence and candidature of MR. KENNETH OKAGBARE, (who has been the youth leader and now immediate past youth leader of the party having resigned from his position to contest the election) because he has been in the party and has been working for the party. The result and nomination were signed by all notable leaders of the party except for some dissidents who later petitioned the LGA Leaders who set up a committee to look into the issue.

“Sir, having done the above, it beats our imaginations that some persons who are not from our ward are bent on projecting a person who just returned from the APC and who came a distance second in the primary as the councillorshp candidate of the party for the forth coming Local Government


“We should be rewarded for being consistent, loyal and faithful to the party by asking all those trying to foment trouble or cause discord within the party ranks in the ward, to follow or tow the path of justice and honour and respect the primary outcome as conducted at Agharha-Otor Town Hall on the 15th day of May, 2024.

“We would not allow for fear of intimidations, harassment and denial of any favour a person who did not participate in the primary to benefit from such primary,” the statement added.

The petition addressed to the State Party Chairman dated May 20th, 2024 was signed by Mrs. Roseline Ovbioghor Chairman, PDP, Agbarha Ward 2 and Mr. Adayusu Onokuhefe Secretary, PDP, Agbarha Ward 2, and copied Pastor Kesiena Nomuoja, PDP Chairman, Ughelli North, Chief Surv. Terry Noah Chairman, PDP Leaders & Elders Council Ughelli North, Chief Dr. Chris Oharisi, Secretary PDP Leaders & Elders Council Ughelli North, Rt. Hon. Festus Ovie Agas PDP Leader, Ughelli North, Chief Sir. Fred Majemite, PDP Leader, Ughelli North, Mr. Robinson Ighorodje Chairman, PDP Leaders & Elders Council Agbarha Ward, Hon. Morgan Ogapha PDP, State Ex-official Asaba and Mr. Tony Omonigho, PDP, State Assistant Organizing Secretary, respectively.


Meanwhile, collaborating the positionof the stakeholders, a PDP Chieftain in Agbarha Ward 2 who spoke anonymously for fear of victimization said accused the Governor’s Adviser, Hon. Oniyere of playing a fast one on Governor Oborevwori when he defended the outcome of the party primary held on May 15th, 2024 with Mr. Kenneth Okagbare emerging as the party councillorship candidate, only to go behind the governor to replace him with his boy that came second during screening.

According him, “We want the governor to know that Chief Oniyere is not the only leader in Agbarha Ward 2. All the three appointments that came to the ward was giving to him as Special Adviser, his wife and daughter as SSA and SA, now he has played a fast one on the governor when he supplanted the party councillorship candidate, Mr. Kenneth Okagbare with Mr. Collins Arhiakpore, one of his boys who came second in the primary and just recently defected from APC, but making the governor believe that the candidate that won the primary is the one submitted.

“He added, “The same Hon. Oniyere defended Mr. Kenneth Okagbare’s candidature at two different committee setups by the party and signed documents to that effect and also to told the Governor so, only to go behind the governor to replace him during screening, what manners of greed is that?


“So, we want to bring it to the attention of the governor that Hon. Oniyere’s actions of cornering everything that comes to the party is causing tension and division in the party and if not checked and called to order, the consequences would be better imagining ahead of 2027 elections, because the party would have endorsed acts of disloyalty,” he added.

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