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‘Not A Chinese Supermarket But Residential Estate’ – China Chamber Clarifies Alleged Discrimination



The China General Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria has reacted to a viral video alleging that a Chinese supermarket within the premises of the Royal Choice Estate, Airport Road, Abuja, denied access to Nigerians seeking to purchase groceries.

Recall that a viral video posted by some online media outlet had alleged that a Nigerian who tried to gain access to the premises was denied because Nigerians are not allowed to shop in the supermarket but only Chinese.

In an official statement sent to PRNigeria and signed by the Secretary of China Chamber of Commerce Mr. Cui Guangzheng on Monday clarified that the Royal Choice Estate is not a supermarket as widely reported, but rather comprises an office complex and residential apartments.

“The China Chamber of Commerce is one of several enterprises using the facility, and the supermarket in question is located in the residential area of the estate, which is unrelated to the China Chamber of Commerce in Nigeria,” the statement said.


According to the statement, the residential area of the estate consists of privately occupied residents who adhere to security protocols in granting access to external visitors. The statement also stated that no individual was subjected to discrimination or denied access to the estate or supermarket to purchase groceries as widely believed.

Furthermore, the statement expressed regret over the altercation at the estate’s entrance gate between the security personnel and a customer, emphasizing that it does not reflect the official position of the estate management or the chamber of commerce.

The China General Chamber of Commerce emphasized its commitment to equality and inclusiveness and welcomed first-hand visits to witness the truth.


“Our principles are to enhance friendship between the people of both countries and promote economic development,” the statement added.


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