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Gov Oborevwori Sets Tongues Wagging, Gets Lashes Over Belated Visit To Okuama…Church Building Only Relics Of Military-destroyed Community [PHOTOS]



Gov Oborevwori walking of Okuama community debris, on Saturday

Governor Sheriff Oborevwori’s first visit to military-destroyed Okuama community, Ughelli South local government area of Delta State, has unleashed a wave of bashing and condemnation against the governor and the Nigerian Army after photographs show the debris and relics that have become of the town called Okuama.

BIGPEN NIGERIA ( reports that Okuama community became a ghost town following the dastardly ambushed and killing of five military officers and twelve soldiers who were reported on a peace-keeping mission to the area.

Multiple reports say days after the condemnable ambushed and killing, the military were said to have moved in for what is termed ‘clearance operation’ that left behind trail of tears and blood, with many locals displaced and the community totally destroyed.


Although the military gave reason for its operation in Okuama, and why the area was cordoned off, there was no official report as to why Governor Oborevwori as chief security officer of the state couldn’t access Okuama for over one month for his now belated ‘first hand assessment’ visit.


But multiple media reports suggested that Oborevwori was allegedly denied access to the troubled community by the military last month but there was no reported instances where the governor either complained of military overbearing posture or where he had moved to visit the troubled town and was denied access by soldiers.

It was not clear if the military had now cleared the governor to visit the community on Saturday but photos on social media suggests that Governor Oborevwori and his delegation took off from the jetty of the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA) in Warri and were escorted by operatives of the military Joint Task Force (JTF).

Specifically, the Governor, was accompanied by Commander 63 Brigade, Brig. Gen. Unachukwu Ugochukwu, and top government officials, on a journey that took over one hour and twenty minutes from Warri.

After taking a tour of the relics and debris, the Governor, apparently standing in front of the only building left on torched, was able to mutter some words to the deserted community of ‘people of Okuama’ who had all fled the town for fear of the military onslaught termed ‘clearance operation’.

Delta Governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori (5th left) accompanied by the Special Adviser on Peace Building and Conflict Resolution, Chief Edwin Uzor(3rd right), the Chief Press Secretary, Sir Festus Ahon (2nd right) and the Director of Protocol, Chief Sunday Onoriode (right), others and some military officers when he led some government functionaries to Okuama community on Saturday.


Governor Oborevwori reiterated that innocent citizens would not be made to suffer for what they know nothing about. He had earlier gave this assurance after his visit to Abuja where he met with President Bola Ahmed Tinubu, accomplished by security chiefs.

The over hyped Governor’s visit to Okuama is coming a day after the release of the traditional ruler of Ewu Kingdom, Clement Ikolo, who had been in detention following the killing of the 17 military personnel. The monarch was reported released to Senator Ede Dafinone who also acknowledged the role the governor played days after three senators representing Delta State in the national assembly Ede Dafinone (,Delta Central) Ned Nwoko (Delta North) and Joel-Onowakpo Thomas (Delta South) were reported to have met with the Chief of Defence Staff (CDS), General Christopher Gwabin Musa, in Abuja.

Although it is not clear where the indigenes of Okuama who fled are expected to return to, Governor Oborevwori, during his visit gave assurance for the safe return of the indigenes who fled the community in the wake of the crisis over the killing of 17 officers and soldiers on March 14.


Speaking to journalists at Okuama, Governor Oborevwori said: “We have followed due process in the whole incident. The people have been buried and the King that was detained has been released yesterday and today I am here to see what happened in Okuama community.

“The Okuama 17 is something that we didn’t expect to happen because it is against our bargain for peace and security which I promised Deltans that we are going to enhance.

“We have been enjoying peace and security since last year until the 14th of March when the four Army officers and 13 soldiers were murdered.


“They were not just murdered, their bodies were mutilated and we have come here to see what happened.

“Let me again reiterate Mr President’s promise that no innocent person would be victimised and you can see that, from that time till now, there has been no harassment of citizens of this community.

“I have come to see how the innocent people of this community can be reintegrated back with the cooperation of the military.


“We know its a big loss to them but we have to follow due process. The Brigade Commander is with us and the newly posted Commander of 181 Battalion, Lt Col Dabo, is also here with us and its a great synergy.”

He said his administration was doing a lot to effectively resolve the dispute, adding that citizens of Okuama would soon return home.

Continuing, Governor Oborevwori, said: “Let me once again thank Mr President and Commander in Chief, Bola Tinubu, the Chief of Army Staff and the Chief of Defence Staff for their cooperation so far.


“They have been very supportive and they have kept to their promise that innocent people will not be victimised. I want to assure the people of Okuama there is no point running away from your community.

“We are going to bring you back to your community. It’s only those that are involved the military are looking for”.

Meanwhile, the development has sparked mixed reactions on social media particularly Facebook with many taking to the Governor’s social media handles to vent their anger and raining knocks on the military for reducing the whole community to rubble in guise of clearance operation.


Public affairs analyst, Zik Gbemre, in his terse message to BIGPEN NIGERIA, criticized the governor for not making reference to the killing of innocent residents of Okuama by the military and reduction of the town to a ghost town saying point-blank, “Gov Sherriff should be ashamed of himself”.

Another commenter, @George Ovie Okugbere said; “Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori Mr Governor, all your statements are always about the soldiers without showing empathy to the Okuama people even after visiting the village. Do you even care about the lives and properties of the innocent Okuama people that were lost? So sad”

Another @Torey Afolabi Victor wrote; “After one month and 5 days you finally enter the village of cause after the military gave you permission…..funny enough our governor said he went to get first hand assessment of the fellow deltans which first hand assessment can he get after one month and 5 days?
Who else noticed he didn’t mention the the defenseless innocent citizens who lost their life’s too?”

See more comment below;


@Truman E. Whonana wrote, “It’s a very big setback that out of callousness the military recked this havoc and taxpayers money that would have been used for other development will be used to rebuild the community while the military keeps carrying out the act of destruction unchecked. No one is even talking of the defenseless citizens that were killed in the process”

One Apostle Robo Oweh wrote; “Great move, your excellency. Time to heal the land and people. They have suffered so much”.

@Ogome Oghenetijiri Precious wrote; “I’m highly and truly flabbergasted and dumbfounded that the governor of Delta State could not assess Okuama Community until way over one month. These are your tribal people in the same state in which you are the number one principal, what a collosal and monumental shame you have brought to this state in general and your tribesmen in particular.
Having gone there, where are the videos and pictures showing the entire community? Who are you addressing with the microphone 🎤? The indigenes of the community that died were not even important to you, hence, no need to make mention of them. As a Deltan, I am highly and truly disappointed to call you my governor not to even mention that you are my tribe’s man”.


Another Funkekeme Solomon wrote; “Your Excellency, this is very consistent with your policy direction. We thank God for giving you to us, DELTANS, as our Governor. Fortunate greetings”.

More comments read;

@Ajueyitse Martins Otuedon wrote; “It’s crucial to witness the realities on the ground firsthand. Your commitment to the rehabilitation and return of innocent citizens is commendable. Let’s work together for the healing and restoration of Okuama community”.


@Obaro Egagifo wrote; “Thank you your Excellency for your tireless efforts in making sure this matter is resolved.

“Indeed a lot has happened, we believe that innocent citizens will return back as soon as possible.

“May God continue to give you wisdom as you continue in this crisis management situation Sir”.


Solo Oruese Ohworode wrote; “Dear Mr. Governor, with all due respect, you have failed the Okuama people and the Urhobo Nation and Delta state generally, All your statements from the day one of this issues are always about the soldiers without showing empathy to the Okuama people even after your visiting the empty village today. This very unfair sir, you never say anything about the properties of the innocent Okuama people that were lost and the innocent people of Okuama that lost their lives? This is really sad 😭😭😭😭😭 😭 it’s well”

Norbert Chiazor wrote; “When the OKUAMA incident is over, the world would remember Delta governor, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori for his moral restraint and tact. Even in extreme circumstances, he has proved a virtue. He is not a tribal bigot.Environment shapes our thought patterns.It is titanic to handle affairs in any heterogenous society without the influence of inhibiting cultural strings and ties.Bigotry is the key temptation of governance in diverse Delta.Quite burdensome to serve as Delta governor without the entanglement of tribal prejudice.

“Sheriff! He bears a gracious cross. Peace.



See more photos below:


Gov Oborevwori seen walking on Okuama community’s rubble




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