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Assin Godstime


By Assin Godstime

Uvwie is one of the 24 kingdoms of the largest ethnic nationality in Delta State – URHOBO. Uvwie was the first Urhobo kingdom to produce a female PhD holder and professor, named Augusta Omamor. Uvwie was the first Urhobo kingdom with a government owned Secondary School. The Urhobo College, Effurun, established in 1949 was the first on Urhobo soil.

The Warri-Sapele road was tarred in 1926-27. It was one of the first roads tarred by Sir Graeme Thompson who was Governor in Nigeria, between 1925-1931. The road is the only one in Nigeria connecting all parts of the country. The Warri-Sapele connects East-West, North and South. It is the only one that plays this important role not only in Delta State but also in the country. Interestingly, the road is also about the busiest. In the day, it hardly rests. Vehicles ply it to different parts of the country. At night when it ought to rest, trailers and spirits still ply it.

The erroneously named ‘DELTA MALL’ in Effurun is the biggest in Delta State. In my view, it should have been named ‘EFFURUN OR UVWIE SHOPPING MALL’. The reason for this submission is based on the fact that those who enter Delta State from Benin or those from Bayelsa, Rivers, Uyo, etc. erroneously call Effurun, Warri. In Benin where I reside, they say it in pride, ‘Warri roundabout’.

Uvwie has the highest numbers of public owned primary and secondary schools in Delta State. This can be traceable to its early civilization. Long before the creation of Delta State, development had reached Uvwie even while Asaba was still bushy. Uvwie has over 70 banks with about 54 still functioning. The banks in Uvwie are more than what is in the State capital.

Away from banks, Uvwie had more churches than any City in Delta State. Virtually every street in Uvwie has at least a church. The GRA in Effurun is a reflection of Maitama in Abuja. The gigantic buildings in it are rarely seen elsewhere in Delta State. There is hardly any rich man in Delta State without a house Effurun GRA.


Politically, Uvwie has not had its fair share. Uvwie shares the same Federal Constituency with Sapele and Okpe Local Government Areas. Sadly, of all the 4 Senators to have come from this Federal Constituency none are Uvwie. That notwithstanding, some Uvwie sons and daughters have been outstanding. Evelyn Barr Evelyn Omavowan Oboro was the first Urhobo female Member of the House of Representatives. Professor Augusta Omamor was Commissioner for Education in Bendel State. Dr Veronica Ogbuagwu was Commissioner for Education in Delta State. Olorogun Festus Keyamo was Federal Minister. Since the creation of Delta State, the following Uvwie sons have been Members of the Delta State House of Assembly, namely: Hon. (Barr.) Gilbson Akporehe (1999-2003), Hon. (Barr.) Gilbson Akporehe (2003-2007), Hon Solomon Ighrakpata (2007-2011), Hon. Ofobruku Efe Godfrey (2011-2015), Hon Ofobruku Godfrey Efe (2015-2019), Hon Solomon (Chief) Ighrakpata (2019-2023) and the incumbent, Hon. (Barr.) Emakpor Edafe. The following Uvwie sons and daughters have been Local Government Chairmen: Sir F. E. Atomatofa (Administrator, 1996-97), Hon. Friday Ani (1997-98), Mr Cletus N. Nwaodua (Administrator, 1998-1999), Mr Sheddy Agbagbara (Caretaker, 1999-99), Hon. J. W. Ashubu (Chairman, 1999-2002), Hon. Solomon Ighrakpata (Caretaker, 2002-2003), Hon. Peter Abugewa (Caretaker, 2003-2003), Hon. Evelyn Oboro (Chairman, 2003-2007), Hon. Robert Ejifoma (Transition Committee Chairman, 2007-2008), Hon. Peter Abugewa (Chairman, 2008-2011), Sir Olumami Oyibo (HPM/Acting Chairman, 2011-2012), Hon. (Barr.) Emmanuel Erhisere (HPM & Acting Chairman, 2012-2012), Hon. Bright Edejewho (Transition Committee Chairman, 2012-2014), Hon. Henry Baro (Chairman, 2015-2017), Hon (Mrs) Stella Daboner (Chairman, 2015-2017) and the incumbent, Hon. Samson Onoyake (2018-).

Although people hold erroneous claims that Uvwie people hardly embrace education, remarkably, Uvwie had produced a university Vice-Chancellor. Professor Eric Arubaye of Delsu is Uvwie. Omafume Onoge whom we called the ‘Marxist’ was one of the biggest brains in Nigeria and he was Uvwie. Miss Rita Iyeghe is the first female pilot of Uvwie extraction and second of Urhoboland nationality. Uvwie people have been outstanding in different fields of study. More recently, Uvwie has a number of professors spread across universities in Nigeria and beyond.

In the field of law, Uvwie has produced highly successful lawyers. Ovie Whiskey who headed the Federal Electoral Commission (FEDECO), now Independent Electoral Commission was paternally Uvwie. He was called to the English Bar as early as 1952. He was the first lawyer from Uvwie. Both Joe Abugu and Festus Keyamo have been Senior Advocates of Nigeria.

Assin Godstime, is a public affairs analyst and Publisher of Urhobo Current Affairs.
He can be reached via phone number: 08165006012.

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