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Former NBA Chair, Ebu, Urges Lawyers To Uphold Ethics, Avoid Unethical Practices



Chuks Ebu, a former chairman of the Nigerian Bar Association (NBA) at the Asaba branch in Delta State, has encouraged his fellow legal practitioners to uphold professional ethics and avoid unethical shortcuts in their duties.

Ebu, who is currently the principal of the legacy chambers in Asaba, emphasized the importance of ethics in the legal profession during an interview.

He averred that the elections of the “Jolly Bar Association” in Asaba should not be viewed as a high-stakes, winner-take-all event, instead, he advocated for a spirit of unity and cooperation among legal professionals.


Ebu explained that the legal profession’s ethics are a system of moral principles that dictate appropriate conduct.

Violations of these principles can result in penalties ranging from warnings to suspension or even removal from the list of practicing lawyers, depending on the severity of the offense, he stressed.

He urged his colleagues to always uphold these ethical standards, rather than attempting to take unethical shortcuts to success.


“The legal profession is a highly respected and regulated profession with profound rules of standard behaviour, the contravention of which is punishable either by warning, suspension from practice or outright striking-off from the role of legal practitioners, depending on the gravity of the offences. So, I enjoin all my colleagues to at time uphold our ethics and refrain from cutting of corners just to make it to the top.

He also emphasized that the “Jolly Bar Association” elections should not be seen as a fierce competition, but as a process where both the winner and the loser should embrace each other in the spirit of sportsmanship, working together for the advancement of the NBA’s Asaba branch.

“The Jolly-Bar Association is not a do or die affairs but , it should be a ‘no victor, no vanquished’ election where the winner should embrace the loser and the loser embrace the winner in the spirit of sportsmanship and work together for the growth of the Asaba branch of the NBA”.


In the Jolly-Bar elections, Kenneth Enakpoya was elected as chairman, with Joel Ijoma as vice chairman, Ovie Ibordor as Secretary, Precious Eleweke as treasurer, and Thelma Egwatu as financial secretary among others.

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