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Ayiri Emami Vows: I’ll Not Sacrifice Itsekiri’s Customs, Traditions For Anyone, Marks 6th Installation Anniversary



Chief Ayirimi Emami marks his sixth installation anniversary

Foremost Itsekiri leader and a Chieftain of the All Progressives Congress (APC), in Delta State, Chief Ayirimi Emami, has vowed never to deviate from upholding Itsekiri’s custom and tradition, expressing willingness to sacrifice anything for the socio-economic and cultural advancement of the Itsekiri people.

BIGPEN NIGERIA ( reports that Chief Emami, stated this during the commemoration of his sixth year as the Ologbotsere of Warri Kingdom as his palatial residence in Egbokodo, Warri South local government area of the state.

Emami who was flanked by prominent members of the Ologbotsere descendants who joined him for the momentous occasion, also vowed to defending the Ologbotsere title, which he says is “rightfully” his.


The APC Chieftain, however, lamented attempts by some elements to tarnish his reputation, but vowed to remain steadfast amidst all threats. Chief Emami affirmed his determination to always move forward in service to the Itsekiri people, never backing down.

“We have to defend the Ologbotsere title, which was traced from head to down, from the family heads. Any title given to me that is not mine, I will reject it. I am a man of truth, we don’t use the palace to hustle, but we work for the palace. They have gone everywhere to tarnish my reputation, but if they go one end, I move to the other end. I always go forward. Nobody can threaten me in Itsekiri Radio to run. I won’t run. Those that ran away from Mayuku (former Ologbotsere) came back when he won his struggles.”

Elaborating on his role as the Ologbotsere of Warri, Emami claimed credit for popularizing the title among the new generation. He also expressed his gratitude for the support and unity shown by the Ologbotsere family descendants during the anniversary celebration.


“If not for me, many people among the new generation, may not have known about Ologbotsere title today. Today makes it six years I was installed Ologbotsere of Warri kingdom. The entire Ologbotsere family descendants, met and decided to come together to celebrate the six anniversary and for me to offer prayers to the ancestors as our usual way of thanking God for keeping us alive.”

Emami, an ardent student of Itsekiri history, according to him, pledged to uphold the established protocols for chieftaincy installation in the Warri Kingdom, emphasizing his extensive knowledge and experience in Itsekiri affairs.

“I am not going to deviate from standing for what is right. I’m a student of Itsekiri history. I have PhD (highlighting his knowledge of Itsekiri customs and tradition) already in Itsekiri affairs, because I have been on it from the onset. I have been in the bad, good and ugly of Itsekiri affairs. I understand the affairs of Itsekiri more than those who claim to be speaking for Itsekiri Nation.”


He also disclosed that his interactions with President Bola Tinubu primarily focus on Itsekiri issues, particularly the tribe’s development. Emami underscored his selfless devotion to Itsekiri causes, choosing them over personal ambitions.

“The few minutes I spend with Mr. President (Bola Tinubu) is to discuss the affairs of Itsekiri, especially development of the tribe and not my personal issue. I will continually present Itsekiri issues before mine. I don’t want to be a minister or board member. I want our Ports (Seaports) to work and our roads to function”, he added.

Speaking, a respected elder of the Ologbotsere Descendants, Hon. Pullen Toghanro, commended Chief Emami’s firm stance, crediting him with warding off “our enemies”.


“This our father (Referring to Chief Ayirimi Emami) I don’t know how to describe him, if not for the way he stood, the story would have been different with our enemies. There shall be happiness at the end. We sat down and chose you (as Ologbotsere)”, he added.

Meanwhile, Ologbotsere Descendants spokesperson, Mr. Alex Eyengho, highlighted the importance of tradition for the survival of the Warri Kingdom and the resolve to protect Itsekiri culture and tradition.

“Tradition is the center-piece for the survival of Warri Kingdom. It is therefore suicidal to deviate for a second, from the custom and tradition of the Itsekiri people.


“The 6th anniversary of the chiefly installation of Chief Ayirimi Emami as the Ologbotsere of Warri, coincided with the General Assembly of the Ologbotsere Descendants Worldwide, held yesterday, Thursday October 19, with meeting and resolutions passed, climaxing today with the traditional aspect of pouring libation to honour our ancestors.

“We are prepared to guide and protect our culture and tradition, we are protecting it jealously.

“As part of our general assembly, it was resolved by the Ologbotsere family worldwide that we must not deviate from upholding and defending the culture and tradition of Itsekiri.


“We reassured ourselves that we are on the part of fairness, justice and equity, irrespective of the shenanigans that happened April 16, 2023, which was very embarrassing to the extent that an Itsekiri highly respected son, Pastor Ayo Oritsejafor, walked out of the palace in protest of what happened there.

“We won’t turn our back from the Itsekiri people, we stand with the Ologbotsere of Warri, Chief Ayirimi Emami as far as he is standing firm, we stand firm by him.”

The grand ceremony, which featured traditional Itsekiri dances and the Okumara Dance Group from Calabar, was attended by prominent Ologbotsere descendants and respected Itsekiri leaders including, Sir Amorighoye .S Mene, Wilson Mene, Mr. R.O Abiyere, Mr. David Ighonmieyetu, Prince David Iwere and Mr. Oyibo Awani, among prominent Ologbotsere descendants.

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