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Moyo Lawal Responds To Illicit S3x Video Leak, Threatens Legal Steps



Actress Moyo Lawal

Actress Moyo Lawal has expressed her dismay over the unauthorized leak of a private s3x video, now circulating widely on the internet.

The video footage, which features Lawal in an intimate setting with her then-fiancé, has sparked a heated online debate, with a large portion of netizens speculating that she might have deliberately released the video.

On Sunday, through her Instagram account, Lawal validated her identity in the video and refuted any allegations of self-distribution.

In her statement, she articulated, “Without my approval, a personal video from my past was shared inappropriately, infringing upon my privacy and faith.”

She further clarified that the video, involving her former fiancé, was never meant for public viewing and its unapproved circulation is a violation of her personal space.

“This unlawful invasion of privacy will not go without legal redress,” she cautioned in her statement.

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