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Crisis Rocks Udu Over Choice Of Union President




By Diana Oluwole

The election/inauguration of the Union of Udu Communities (UUC), election was rocked with crises.

The event took place at the Palace of the Ovie of Udu Kingdom, Delekpe 1, in Otor Udu, on Saturday June 4, 2023.

Trouble started when the Chairman of the occasion Mr Mike Orugbo staged a walk out from the event, stating that he came to the occasion for his election before inauguration

Orugbo alleged that he was made to announce the Ovie in Council choice of President General of the union which he claimed was contrary to will and aspirations of the majority of Udu people.


The occasion continued with the immediate past President General of the UUC, Chief Godwin Notoma acting in the capacity of the Chairman and representative of the Ovie in Council.

The announcement of Chief Moses Uparan as the President General of the Union triggered a crisis as thugs went on rampaged demanding elections.

They said voting should commenced between both candidates Mr Austin Emaduku and Moses Uparan, who had been screened by the Ovie in Council for election.

An attack was attempted on the immediate past President General Chief Notoma, who was whisked out by security personnel.

The boys also chased away all chief present at the occasion, destroying everything in sight at the venue.

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