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‘My Opponents Are Jobless, They’re Merely Making Noise’ – Ukodikho Hits Isoko Rep’s Seat Rivals



PDP House of Representatives candidate, Isoko Federal Constituency, Engr. Jonathan Ukodikho

….says PDP remains dominant party in Delta

The People’s Democratic Party flag- bearer for Isoko Federal Constituency, Engr. Jonathan Ukodikho has taken a swipe at his opponents in the race for  the Isoko Federal Constituency seat, saying some of them are jobless with no professional background.

Specifically, Ukodikho said that the All Progressives’ Congress (APC), candidate, Dr. Sylvester Onoyona and Mr. Fineboy Ebegware, the Social Democratic Party (SDP) candidate who are his main rivals have no structures to match his party, the PDP which he said remains the only dominant political party in the state.

Speaking in an interview during the week, Ukodikho said the aspiration of his two main rivals cannot stop him as the PDP candidate from coasting to victory.

He said: “Where are the structures of the two parties you just mentioned. They are not on ground. They are merely making noise which is the nature of politics. Come February 25, you will know that the PDP is still the dominant party.

“As far as I am concerned  I am the only one in the race when you look at their antecedents viz-a-viz mine. What have they done and how did those achievements enhance the well-being of our people. Whoever is seeking to better the life of a group of people should first show how well he had improved his own life!

“Some of them are jobless without professional background, no visible means of livelihood! I am sorry to say so! What vision do they have to address the lamentable situation of our federal constituency? Anyone could have a doctoral degree but it may not translate to a vision of self growth, personal achievement and impactful community development.

“Those people are not contenders! We are not bothered about them. What we are doing now is familiarizing ourselves with Isoko people because after election, I will still reach them.”

Asked about the support base for his candidacy, he said he had the support of a broad spectrum of the people in Isoko Nation.

“I can tell you that more than 85 per cent of Isoko elite are behind this ticket. Between 80 and 90 per cent of religious bodies are also behind me. More than 80 percent of the cultural institutions are behind these ticket. So, how are they going to defeat me? It is not possible!, he stated.

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