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‘Chinese Man Quangrong Attempted Suicide Once Before He Killed His Nigerian Girlfriend’  



Geng Quangrong, a 47-year-old Chinese national who killed his girlfriend after they broke up, had attempted suicide once, according to newly available information to the police.

According to an earlier report on, Quangrong fatally stabbed his girlfriend, 23-year-old Nigerian Ummakulsum Buhari, on Friday night in the Janbulo Quarters of the Kumbotso Local Government Area.

The suspect, who was detained after killing the estranged girlfriend in her own home (on Friday night, September 16), claimed he committed the crime because he felt betrayed.


Abdullahi Haruna Kiyawa, the state’s police spokesman, claimed that the suspect scaled the fence to enter the deceased woman’s home and stabbed her repeatedly until she died.

Geng alleged that the deceased, also known as “Ummita”, had promised to marry him, but later reneged on the promise after he had spent so much money on her.

The suspect claimed he was angered by Ummita’s deception, and he decided to attack and kill her at her residence.


While Geng has since been moved to the State Police headquarters at Bompai for additional investigation and prosecution, Ummita was buried on Saturday, September 17.

Abubakar Mustapha, a neighbor of Ummita who claimed that she was divorced and that Geng was her boyfriend, claimed that Geng had attempted suicide once when they both had problems.

Mustapha said: “The incident happened around 10:00 pm last night. The murderer was her boyfriend since before she got married. Her husband divorced her and they went on with their friendship as boyfriend and girlfriend. He often went to her house. She was taken to UMC Zhair Hospital, not more than a kilometer away from her house, and she died.


“Khaleed, her brother, stopped the mob from attacking the murderer when he came back for his car when he entered the house because he (Khaleed) thought that would lead to a different thing. 

“The man was then caught and handed over to the police.”

The Chinese man had attempted suicide before due to his girlfriend, according to another neighbor, Muhammad Sani, who also added that the police’s intervention helped to resolve the situation.


Sani said, “When she was about to get married, he once attempted suicide because of his love for her until the police intervened and everything was settled.”


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