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I Can’t Wait To Call You My President, Adichie Tells Obi



Author, Chimamanda Adichie, has paid glowing tribute to the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, on his 61st birthday. reports that Adichie, in a lengthy post on her Facebook page on Tuesday, gave a chronological details of Obi’s relationship with her late parents and family.


She went on to talk about how she couldn’t wait to be able to call Obi her president.
Adichie said, “Happy Birthday to Peter Obi, my dearest Big Bro:
“I will never forget your kindness to my beloved parents. Thank you for the respect you showed them, for your many visits to Abba, where you gave to Daddy and Mummy the most precious gifts: your time and your attention.
“I have always admired your humane pragmatism, how you are willing to talk to almost anyone if it will bring about a good outcome.
“Thank you for your compassion and your circumspection. For your honesty and your humour. For your willingness to acknowledge flaws, yours and others’, knowing that nobody is perfect. For your fuss-free kindness and your humility that is never performative.
“I am inspired by your intellectual curiosity, your eagerness to learn, your genuine love of education (which is why you sought out, and honored, Daddy all those years ago when you learned that he was Nigeria’s first professor of statistics.)
“Sometimes it is the simplest of language that captures the most complex of things, and so I will end with simplicity: You are a good man. You are loved. You are appreciated.
“Mummy called you her ‘first son,’ my siblings and I call you our ‘big bro,’ and I cannot wait to call you ‘My President.’

“I cannot wait for February 25, 2023, when I, with personal pride in you and with hope for what Nigeria can become, will cast my vote for you and your running mate, Senator Yusuf Datti Baba-Ahmed.”

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