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‘We, The Talakawa’ Will Wrestle Power From PDP In Delta, Says PRP Guber Candidate Edijala, Unveils Running Mate



Chief Immanuel Edijala

The Governorship candidate of the People’s Redemption Party (PRP), in Delta State, Chief Immanuel Edijala, has said that 2023 will not be business as usual for the ruling party in his state, saying that PRP known as the party for the Talakawas, would wrestle power from the PDP in the state come 2023. reports that Edijala spoke on Thursday during the unveiling of Bishop Glory Ndidi Umerah as his running mate.

The running mate who was born on the 19th of May, 1966 hails from Ibusa, Oshimili North Local Government area of Delta state.

Addressing newsmen at his residence in Enerhen, Uvwie Council Area of the state, Edijala, said that the clergy woman was chosen after a careful search for a worthy running mate to fly the flag of the Party with due consideration of who will add value and best serve in that capacity.

“She is a Clergy woman, Bishop of the Living Word Faith Fellowship Centre, Kubwa, Abuja and founder of Radient Women Foundation”, he said, adding that her robust resume have been made public for people to assess her pedigree.

Highlighting his manifestos and agenda of the “Redeem Delta Mission” campaign mantra, Edijala said that only those who identified with the ‘Talakawas’ that will sing the victory songs in the 2023 general election.


He said that PRP, being one of the ‘oldest and only ideological Party in Nigeria today’, and known as the party for the Talakawas, would take over the helms of affairs of the state come 2023.

According to him, “We humans are all Talakawas i.e ordinary people, except that in Nigeria we are like people living in an Animal Farm where some people are more equal than others”.

“I want to use my experience in politics and business to improve the livelihoods and wellbeing of our people, our children and children yet unborn. There is no gainsaying that due to the poor state of the Nigerian economy, majority of Nigerians ensnared in poverty and living in misery with a growing army of unemployed youth channelling their youthful energy to perpetrate crimes and wrecking havoc everywhere.

He promised to unify “our State and break the barriers of disunity created by the wolves in sheep clothing and ethnic bigots who have been in the corridors of power since 1999.

“I will work to tenaciously defend our God given inalienable rights to Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness. In the same vein, Security shall be given top priority as a precursor for economic growth. I want to reiterate that l am running for the Governorship to give voice to the voiceless, hope to the hopeless and reawaken the virtue of trust and patriotism in Deltans who feel the state has been poorly managed by the one party government of PDP since 1999.


“I promise to bring to bear, all my international experience as a captain of industry, having spent well over 20 years in the transport sector as well as the oil and gas industry, first as Chairman / CEO of Express Cargo Liner Shipping Company Ltd, a wholly Nigerian owned ship owning and management company in the downstream subsector of our economy and Chairman of Chart and Capstone Integrated Ltd, dictating the pace in the Power, Oil and Gas sectors.

“With my background in the transport sector, I have learned the inviolable benefits of team work. The transport sector is a key driver of modern economies and forms the first impression when investors come to your country. A good transport policy will enhance movement of goods and services, improve the supply chain which is the catalyst for economic growth.

“I intend to use my vast experience in this sector to reshape and revolutionize our intermodal transport system within the four year mandate, if elected. I want to bring back our smiles by attracting investments that will ensure first-rate public schools, improved government accountability, improve the welfare “working families,” and protect and preserve our unique quality of life.

While saying that his government when elected shall be more responsive to the needs of the people, he said that his “THE REDEEM DELTA MISSION” have extensively developed a “POWER Agenda” that would unlock the potentials of the State.

“It is awful to note that after nearly 24 years of PDP rule in Delta State, a vast majority of our people are still wallowing in abject poverty. Regrettably, those we have entrusted with our votes have betrayed the TRUST of Stewardship and are now blaming the masses for their woes. Going by the fast pace of global development, it is pertinent to say that the people of Delta State do not deserve to wait a day longer to reclaim their destinies from the venomous grip of the PDP”, he added.


He said that when elected as governor  he would ensure the state’s GDP which has stood at $16b for over 10 years, shall be grown to over $100b in 4 years of my being on the Driver’s seat”.

“I have the competency, unrivalled push and connections to develop our vast maritime resources which will result in creating two more sea ports for Oil & Gas and Dry Cargoes at Escravous and Forcados respectively to enable us attract goods and maritime services to the other ports of Warri, Sapele, Koko, Oghara”.

Edijala, also said,”We shall invest in Road and Rail Infrastructures that will make Delta State the connecting hub of Nigeria from Escravous to Oleri and Itakpe /North and another corridor from Ogulagha to Asaba and Onitsha / East.

Besides, “We shall develop a Delta Digital Economy of $50b in the next 5 years which will engage our youth, and drastically improve ease of operations and reduce operating costs for digital businesses”.

The PRP governorship candidate pledged to make Education Delta’s top priority, saying, “I shall commit a whopping 30 percent of our resources to the education sector if elected. Fellow Compatriots, I have had an excellent training ground for a life in Politics having been on the turf since 2003, so there is hardly any notable politician that does not know my stand and strong desire on how to make things better.


“We need a wealth creator not a person with itching fingers to manage our collective wealth, in fact, we don’t need a kleptomaniac as our next Governor. For those who know me closely, I am a no nonsense person. I have a track record for speaking my mind as was the case in the governorship debate of 2011 on Channels TV when I ran for the governorship of Delta State under the Labour ticket. I know that “Times change” and with every election comes hope. 2023 is not going to be business as usual as I am assured that the votes will count.

“So I urge all those who still habour ill feelings to go and register within the window given by INEC, to enable all of us determine who governs the State next. Winning an election is about winning good things for your constituents, and not personal gains. I fully understand that political power lies inherent in the citizens alone. I know Delta State will end its entropy and rediscover her greatness if I get elected by the good people of Delta State”, he enthused.


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