President Muhammadu Buhari has been urged to sack the Group Managing Director of the Nigeria National Petroleum Corporation (NNPC), Mele Kyari over his alleged complicity in $10 billion subsidy scam. reports that the call was made by a whistle blowing group, Against Corruption and Open Leadership (AACOL).
The threatened to stage massive protest against the NNPC’s GMD if he failed to give account of the purported multi-billion dollar fuel subsidy scam.
This is coming as the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP), gave the Federal Government two weeks ultimatum to dissolve the board of NNPC and its top management over the 10 billion dollars subsidy scam ravaging the organization.
AACOL, in a statement by its Executive Secretary, Maxwel Oko, said it has been vindicated by the House of Representatives report on how 10 billion dollars have been stolen by the NNPC top management through bogus subsidy claims under the Mele Kyari’s headship of the establishment.

“We are calling on president Muhammadu Buhari to immediately sack the GMD of NNPC so as to clear the way for proper probe and investigation of the company because the GMD needs to step aside for proper investigation and audit to be carried out on the subsidy regime”.

“Failure to do so we are going to mobilize Nigerians on a massive protest to NNPC”, the group threatened.

Meanwhile, the Conference of Nigerian Political Parties (CNPP) has called for the dissolution of the NNPC Board and Management because according to him; “they have failed in their responsibilities and are collaborators in the fuel subsidy scam ravaging the organization.”.

Spokesman of the organizations, Chief Willy Eziogu called for the NNPC Board and Management to be sacked because they have failed in their responsibilities and are collaborators in the fuel subsidy scam.

“He said how come since January till date, NNPC has not remitted a penny to the federation account but in the same period NNPC Management and its staff have been receiving their salaries and emoluments? this calls for great concern in how NNPC’S finances is shrouded in secrecy”

” I want to commend the honorable House of Reps members for exposing this satanic scam, and every body involved must be prosecuted and jailed because Nigerians are suffering while a microscopic few are enjoying our patrimony”


“Failure to act within two weeks we as CNPP will mobilize our members and Nigerians to occupy the corporation and National Assembly.”

In the same view, a group of Nigerians who styled themselves as “Concerned Nigerians” have perfected plans to drag Mele Kyari and EFCC and ICPC  to probe the fuel subsidy scam reportedly exposed by the national assembly.

While commending the national assembly for exposing the massive corruption going on in NNPC under the watch of the GMD Mele Kyari, the group, in a statement by its spokesperson Olajegbensi Isreal, said in the coming days they are submitting a detailed petition to the EFCC and ICPC for a forensic probe of subsidy regime for which NNPC termed as under recovery.


“We commend the people’s parliament for exposing this criminals once again they are the hope of the common man base on this we will submit a detailed petition to EFCC and ICPC for a forensic probe of the subsidy regime since Mele Kyari was appointed the GMD of NNPC”

“In our petition to EFCC and ICPC we will call on them to probe the AGO scam going on where marketers give bribe between 200 to 300 thousand dollars before they get allocated AGO (diesel) which is termed as “system money” this has contributed to the high price of diesel in the country today”

“We are optimistic the probe will unearth more scams in corporation such as the 1.5 billion dollars Port Hacourt refinery rehabilitation which is bedeviled with massive corruption”, the statement added.