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Leaked Audio: ex-Delta Commissioner, Ukodhiko Blasts Macaulay, Leo Ogor, Danmotech, Others As Battle For Isoko Rep Seat Hots Up



  • Says ‘General’ ask Governor Okowa his aspiration can’t be stop

The battle for Isoko South/North Federal Constituency has becomes tense as one of the aspirants in the race, a former Delta Commissioner for Energy, Engr. Jonathan Ukodhiko, in a leaked audio tape lambasted Isoko leaders for years of poor leadership boosting that he would overrun aspirants in the race including the moneybags sponsoring some aspirants.

He also boosted that he is so prepared that even the state governor, senator Dr Ifeanyi Okowa have been told that his aspiration cannot be stop.

Ukodhiko’s utterances which had since gone viral on social media, have heat up the polity in the constituency as political pundits say only greenhorns and political neophytes can be so boastful of ‘overrunning their opponents’ when they cannot stand on their own.

BIGPENNGR.COM reports that the PDP aspirant who resigned his appointment by Governor Okowa early April, was relatively unknown in Isoko land before his influenced appointment to serve in Governor Okowa’s administration by the estranged former minority leader in the House of Representatives, Rt. Hon Leo Ogor.

In a recent leaked audio tape from a telephone conversation with one of his ardent supporters, Ukodhiko took a swipe at Leo Ogor who is believed to have thrown him up for the race and former Secretary to the Delta state Government, Comrade Ovuozourie Macaulay whom he said failed to empower the people of Isoko when they held sway to power.


He said that not even one councillor was able to seek higher elective office or being empowered to become a millionaire since 1999 when Ogor and Macaulay held sway.

He said; “In Isoko, especially our age – 50 year and below are ready to chant a new course. Look, I was discussing with General and I told General you people didn’t even try at all. You, Macaulay, everybody didn’t try. Why? Yes, you feel that you tried your best but you didn’t empower the people of Isoko. You didn’t groom people. You didn’t encourage the young ones to grow because the question I want to ask is that, look from 1999 till date, how many councillors have grew to a very high political position since then. Not even one!

“How many young people can you say today that you have groom, that I have made a millionaire? Apart from jobs that some got maybe from federal and so on. You try your best where? It is a continuous process. As you are leaving that place you supposed to decide that you are going to bring somebody that would supersede what you have done.


“And let me tell you as I always tell everybody, I am not even bothered about whatever they are doing. Let me tell you, by the time I will prepare, I will overrun them.

The caller laughed hysterically and say he loved the confidence he (Ukodhiko) is exhibiting.

He then went on; “Danmotech (Mr. Daniel Omoyibo) will know that ‘e dey learn’.


The caller who appeared to wanting to be mobilize financial intermittently would chorus “O God” then say “Oga let me overrun this people for us”; apparently he should be mobilise to overrun the people in Oleh. (referring to the campaign organization).

Ukodhiko continued; “people that know me, having been following my progress know. Bros, I didn’t make a questionable wealth o. That’s why my wealth adds no sorrow. (Quoting biblical verses) wealth adds no sorrow. I have one of the most beautiful family anybody can talk of, I have not experience any lost of a child, lost of a sister or a brother. (alluding that some people are wealthy out of money making rituals).

He said that he has not asked God for anything that he was not given, saying he was directed to go into the race by God.


“They will all be ashamed, as they gather I will scatter them. And that’s what is on ground right now”.

The caller edged him on to scatter his opponents saying “scatter them” repeatedly.

Continuing, Ukodhiko said; “They are going to beat themselves to a standstill. We have not even started. The only one some of you are doing is what is putting them into confusion right now. (telling a Bible story to buttress his point)


“That’s why with what you people are doing, they are panicking, they are running, carrying fake rumors that governor has told me to withdraw. Governor has told me to do this and that, governor wants to support someone in Isoko South. As I am talking to you, me and General are together. (referring to Hon. Leo Ogor who is fondly called a General)

“General asked Askia this morning to tell him that if you are having hope of contesting you are going to waste your money. And look, let me tell you, go and tell Governor that he cannot tell Ukodhiko, if that’s what you’re thinking, he cannot tell Ukodhiko to withdraw. And he told him in a very clear terms, withdraw from the race or you are going to see embarrassment of your life. If they like let everybody in Isoko South gang up…

Ukodhiko’s supporter cut in, saying they cannot even work together in Isoko South because “I am encouraging a divide and rule system here”.


Continuing, Ukodhiko said; “And I told him that you know you people cannot even do it. I would advise you to go and work with Ukodhiko but if you make, like what you’re telling people that governor asked you to go and run, governor cannot decide who will represent Isoko. Go and tell him that I, Hon. Leo Ogor say so”, he quoted the former minority leader as saying.

…so my brother, the reality is that all those thing they are saying are just fake rumors. There is nothing like governor called anybody. The governor didn’t call anybody. The Governor didn’t call Askia to run, The governor didn’t tell anybody to run. The governor has said it in a very clear terms that Fyneboy can never be. Malik cannot be”.

BIGPENNGR.COM reports that Ukodhiko is jostling for the PDP ticket with former chairman of Isoko South Local Government Area, Chief Hon. Itiako Constantine Ikpokpo, (popularly known as Malik), former Managing Director of the Delta State Oil Producing Area Development Commissioner (DESOPADEC), Bashorun Askia Ogieh and Hon. Chief Dickson Ebegbare also known as Fyneboy.


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