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Who Is Johnel NG? 



Johnel NG

Nnamani Chimaobi John (born 11 April 2006), popularly known as Johnel NG, is a Nigerian Musical Artist and Entrepreneur.

He is from Enugu, Nigeria and was born and raised in Lagos. He is known for his singles “Dance” and “Champagne” released 2022.

Music Career

He started rapping and singing at the age of 13 while he went after the stage name ‘Johnel’. Because of his passion for music, he formed a crew named ‘Triggerz’ consisting of three rappers including himself, but due to some issues the crew separated in less than a year of their collaboration.

Later on, John started studying financial intelligence from his billionaire mentor Robert Kiyosaki, and started making petty cash from his music. He kept gathering numbers of followers and fans to teach and Entertain.

Follow this link to listen to Johnel’s singles:

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